Great hair with GHD

So here it is, as promised, my hair tutorial showing you how I do my hair with my new GHD eclipse styler. As a busy mum and busy person in general I found a quick and easy way to give my hair soft waves without having to go to the hair salon. I hope this how-to video tutorial helps you in some way, I am no pro but it has worked for me so be sure to give it a go and let me know if it works for you. I actually haven’t had my hair styled at a salon for almost a year now (excluding when I am on set for a gig) so this technique has proven to be a success for my every day look. All products mentioned have not been endorsed, they are just examples of what I actually use. Be sure to let me know if my How to do easy beachy GHD waves video works for you!

Enjoy xo

Thanks to Lisa Frieling for the video