The bedtime routine, this is the number one rule I know as a mother that is the key to successfully (hopefully) having a rested and sleeping baby. One of the biggest questions I receive on social media is always asking about what goes on at night time in my house and what tips I can offer in a good bed time routine.

I received my entire baby knowledge from the experts: my mum, my family and mostly my midwife, the famous Midwife Cath. Cath has always said that the BBB (Bottle, Bath, Bed) routine is key to bedtime, but what does that exactly look like? Recently, I had another midwife, Richelle (sleep right tonight) guide me on getting Freddie sorted through the night and she too, explained the importance of the night time routine- so it truly is a thing you see! 

I thought the best way for me to tell you about it was to not tell you at all, but to show you with this video.

It all fell into place when ecostore approached me to try their baby products and as I have only ever used organic and/or naturally-derived products on my boys for bath and skin, I thought this was a wonderful alignment but it was necessary for me to trial them first before sharing with you.

I started using the ECOSTORE BABY products late last year and immediately loved them. The body wash and the shampoo for bath time is dermatologically tested and safer for my boys skin, and gives a nice clean. My favourite product was actually the nappy barrier balm and I am not too big on using creams on the nappy area; I prefer to use coconut oil, however, this is fragrance-free and rich in antioxidants, is non-greasy  and helps create a protective barrier uniquely aligned to the natural chemistry of the baby’s skin. Also, something I don’t use enough of, especially for massage, is the moisturiser! It’s a blend of olive, jojoba and coconut oils in a shea butter base and impressed me immediately, Freddie loved that it was smoother on his skin when I massaged him compared to when I use nothing.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this quick video, it shows you exactly what we do for our bedtime routine and how happy little Freddie is when we share this special time every night.

ECOSTORE BABY products are avail from Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse.