When you have a baby, everything you know about carrying a handbag completely changes. Gone are the days of carrying your cute little YSL bag, babe and prepare yourself to be carrying a 4kg bag from now on.

First, you need a tote bag. There are so many bags that cater for mums, you can buy a tote bag at any price point and there are many cool nappy bags available also. Nappy bags already have the compartments in them for all the things you will need to carry but if you get a tote bag like I have, then I suggest you look at getting a ToteSavvy (HERE) so you have the organisation as you do for a traditional nappy bag.

What’s in my nappy bag:

  • Nappies 4-5 just incase
  • Wipes
  • Nappy bags to throw the nappy away in
  • wallet
  • phone
  • keys
  • hand sanitiser for after nappy changes
  • dummy (if baby takes one) I like to pack two just incase one falls on the floor) and a zip lock bag to put the dirty one in.
  • bottles
  • formula (if you need)
  • sunglasses if you wear them
  • lipstick/gloss if you want
  • change of baby clothes including socks
  • a bib
  • food if baby is on solids
  • change mats (disposable or not)
  • small toys, books or squeaky toys
  • change of clothes for older siblings who are toilet training (or their nappies)
  • water for older siblings
  • toys for older siblings
  • any other personal items for you that you usually carry and any medications e.g.- my son is allergic to mosquitoes, so we carry aerogard and medicine. Also asthma ventolin.
  • small sunscreen is a good idea also.