A capsule maternity wardrobe consists of a few key items, the main one being jeans. I find that it is the first maternity piece that I buy and the piece I wear the longest, even beyond pregnancy. There are so many good, comfortable, stylish and affordable maternity jeans on the market that replicate your favourite non-maternity-jeans and I think I have tried them all. I am pleased to report that I haven’t come across a bad pair of maternity jeans thus far but the key is, to try them on if you can.

We all have different body shapes, our legs are thinner or thicker or like in my case, get bigger with pregnancy, and each brand uses different stretch, they might make longer legs or they might be called skinny buy actually be a tad bit looser than you expected. Spend some time popping into the stores to find the perfect fit for you (or order online and check their return policy) and once you know how each brand’s fit works, you can get them in different colours!

I have teamed up with Jeanswest and their maternity range for this blog post. I remember a few years ago, I had a friend who lived in her Jeanswest maternity jeans, she raved on about them all the time to our mother-friendship group, so I was very eager to get myself into their collection to try for myself. The verdict? Awesome!

Let me just talk you through their jeans before I get into their clothing collection.

In the above images I have on the black Sage skinny maternity jeans (HERE) and they have a stretch on the sides that make the jeans sit under the belly. I found these super comfortable at the waist but what I loved the most was the length and rip detail as before I was pregnant, my go-to jeans were black, knee ripped denim! I feel like me in these jeans, I know how to style them like I would if I wasn’t pregnant!

The blue denim jeans above (HERE), I selected for the colour! Such a great blue wash and as I am having my baby in November, these jeans will get a massive work out beyond pregnancy being a fresh blue colour, paired with a little cami top and some slides. The over the bump nude colour fabric really supported me and my currently annoying belly, I actually can’t decide if I prefer the over the bump option or under bump but I am glad I have both options so then as I get bigger, I might prefer one to the other. This colour blue denim looks super cool with white sneakers and a simple jumper!

Let’s talk about the rest of the Jeanswest maternity clothing collection. This blazer? Jeanswest! Most of my other blazers dont fit me anymore, I have put on a little weight around my back, shoulders and arms and this blazer fits comfortably compared to the non-maternity ones in my wardrobe. There is nothing better than feeling confident in what you are wearing and when something fits you, then this is key. My blazers in my wardrobe have been too tight and I find myself so self conscious about it that I dont feel good in myself.

The tops featured above are maternity also (black top HERE and blue top HERE), the fit and fabric is lovely and the length is fabulous. Again, I thought I would only wear clothes from my existing wardrobe during pregnancy, but when you feel tight or that your top isn’t long enough, it can really change your mood, good maternity tops should also be included in your maternity capsule wardrobe.

Check out the award winning Jeanswest Maternity denim for yourself and of course the rest of the collection. I pride myself on working with brands I believe in and that I think you would like also and this is one of them! xx

Visit their website HERE