I am loving all the blog post requests I have been receiving via Instagram and this is one of them. The products I have been using during my pregnancy. I had to reflect on my day-to-day routine to remember all the things that I would reccomend to you and that I actually use and here is the list! I explain a little about each item in the descriptions below and with links to shop them from where I could find them online (just click on the HERE word to shop each of them).

  1. Chloe Susanna Boots: HERE
    These are definitely an investment boot so not in everyone’s budget, however, when I did invest in them, the soon became my everyday boots! I wear them many times a week with jeans and in summer with skirts. During pregnancy, they make me feel a little more dressy with their platform heel but are essentials in the ‘flats category’ so you can run around and get things done in them.
  2. ghd hair straightener: HERE
    I have been washing my hair around every 5 days and when I spend the time washing and drying my hair, I always straighten it. I have been using this ghd for many many years and it never fails me. I find that if I straighten it, it lasts several days, even with a little kink or wave in it after a few days, it still looks good. So, essentially, I never wash and dry my hair and just leave it, my pregnancy hair is way to thick not to.
  3. Blackmores Pregnancy Gold: HERE
    I used these pregnancy multivitamins with my first two pregnancies because my aunty (@themummyconfidentials) told me to. This pregnancy, I thought I would join the Elevit hype. Huge mistake for me as I got so consitpated I was in horrific pain for days until I realised what was causing it. So, I am back onto these multi-v’s.
  4. La Clinica’s Organic For Baby belly rub: HERE
    I am a massive La Clinica fan, since the day I first ever tried their products. I used this belly rub with my last pregnancy and now with this one again. I have never had stretch marks with my previous pregnancies and I can’t promise that it is just my genes or the fact I use this product daily, but for me, it is worth the 30 seconds it takes each day to prevent it. TIP- I use it on my belly, boobs, thighs and bottom.
  5. Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment: HERE
    A house hold staple for us, mostly for my son’s lips as he always licks them and we also used it at nappy changes with Will. For me, I am currently having dry lips, a new thing for me and every time I put the Paw Paw on, it fixes it within the day!
  6. Estelle and Thild body scrub: HERE
    This is a new one, I actually received this product in a Sephora gift pack earlier this year and has been sitting in my office for several months. As I was cleaning out that room, I looked through my Sephora pack and saw this and put it straight into my shower. The next shower I had I opened it and used it, I scrubbed my body and the smell was lovely. After the shower, I felt hydrated, moisturised and thought it would be a nice thing for me to do during my pregnancy to give my body extra moisture and I am sure the scrubbing must help with potential stretch marks? I dont know, but I fell in love with it, plus its organic- bonus.
  7. Nike sneakers: HERE
    I have been getting up later in the mornings which means that I dont leave much time for myslef to get properly dressed for the school run. I grab my active wear and my sneakers and I get out the door fast. I am trying not to wear heeled shoes during this pregnancy as much as possible and find that I am wearing my sneakers more than ever. I wear these also with black denim.
  8. Bonds Maternity and Nursing bra: HERE
    I found my bag of ‘big bra’s’ all my nursing bra’s. I go from an A to a D cup with my pregnancies and I always feel so uncomfortable if the bra is too tight. I am currently wearing my Bonds nursing bra’s from my previous pregnancy and it feels so good to not feel restricted and tight. Bonds, just got it right with this bra I can’t reccoemnd it enough.
  9. ASOS Maternity Jeans: HERE
    I love maternity jeans, there are so many good ones on the market right now from Jeans West, to Soon Maternity and ASOS. I can only wear maternity denim now and its fun mixing them up each week. I also wear them after pregnancy until I feel comfortable to get into my regular jeans again.
  10. OUAI hair oil: HERE
    Another Sephora goodie I received and since using it for the first time, I haven’t stopped, in fact, I need to re-stock! After I straighten my hair, I always add this oil to the ends to smooth and hydrate. Also over the following days, I put it in the ends of my hair so they dont look dry (after all the straightening I do to my hair) it works a treat! Oh and as my hair is so thick it kind of makes it more manageable.
  11. OUAI conditioner: HERE
    You can use any good conditioner but I like to make sure mine hydrates. I have so much hair and when it is silky and smooth it is easier to handle, when I find a good shampoo and conditioner I usually stick to the same one as I know I am on to a good thing.
  12. Cotton On Body underwear: HERE
    For my birthday, my mum bought me some maternity underwear from Cotton On Body. I can tell you a little secret, I wear maternity underwear years after pregnancy as I find it flattering with the way it goes down at the front. I love these cotton on ones because they are comfy, great quality, look good and are at a good price.
  13. Theraline Pillow: HERE or HERE
    I haven’t been sleeping well and using four bed pillows lined up from my head, under my bump and in between my legs and then moving them all again when I turned over was a nightmare! It was time to call in the old maternity pillow.
  14. ASOS Maternity t-shirt/feeding t-shirt: HERE
    I never got to wear this when I was feeding William and after discovering them, I always wished they had them when I had a baby. Luckily they still make them and I ordered a few colours. They are great and long t-shirts for the bump, they look super cool with black denim and sneakers and I am excited to lift up the top layer, put the baby under and breast feed without showing my tummy as it has two layers. LOVE!
  15. BECCA primer: HERE
    Yes, another goodie from my Sephora gift bag. After I moisturise in the morning, I always put this on as my primer and my skin stays hydrated all day. Not much else to say but it is part of my make-up routine.
  16. Comfy Pants BONDS: HERE
    I stocked up already on pants like these for two reasons- the first because it is comfortable to wear with this bump and second because it will be part of my go-to outfit after the baby is born. I will take about post-baby outfits next week, but trust me, this is the staple!
  17. Feeding Apps: HERE
    I know I dont have the baby yet and dont need a feeding app, but I am on the hunt now for a good one. When Will was born, I used this one and I am sussing out the app stores to see if there is a better one on the market, if not, this is what I will be using to monitor the baby feeds and sleeps.
  18. Deshabille PJ’s: HERE
    I have been looking for an extra pair of pj’s for when the baby comes. The requirements are: need to be long sleeve, long leg, button down and look cool. I like these and know the brand as I have a few of their pjs so I can recommend that they will be a great buy!
  19. Cachia Gigi PJ’s: HERE
    My friend Sophie started her own label and these pj’s were in her first release of pj’s. If you follow me on Instagram, you would see me wearing them in my Insta-stories often. They are super chic, look good, feel good, great quality and tick my pj requirements. I will be taking these to hospital for sure and most likely living in them when the baby comes and I am breastfeeding. Side note- Cachia is my mums maiden name so I love them even more!
  20. La Clinica Day Cream: HERE
    This is my daily moisturiser, not much else to say but I have been using it for many years and haven’t looked back.
  21. Cosmedix Purity Clean: HERE
    I think this is the reason for my good skin, as it is the first thing I do in the morning in the shower, I wash my face. It slightly exfoliates also which apparently is good too, I always feel super fresh and clean after using it.