This is an expensive time for mum’s-to-be but from experience, I never regret the things I bought for my baby because, you pretty much need it all.

Everything I have featured above is exactly what I have for this baby…everything (or on my to-get list) so this is my personal recommendations.

Here is a tip- if you have a list of items that you need to buy in mind, do the research online and find that item at the best price. I waited for online stocktake sales or baby store sales to get a bunch of these things and my Pottery Barn Kids Cot is so gorgeous, if I miss out on a % off sale, I actually don’t mind, because just like my bugaboo, I have my heart set on it!


  1. Oricom Video Monitor (HERE): I chose this monitor for no reason other than I had thier first ever video monitor back in 2011 and now in 2017, I want their latest and most high tech one available as I know how long the other one lasted and how good it was. If you are tossing up between a normal monitor and a video monitor, to me it is a no brainer to select the video option. After opening the door to an almost asleep baby, who would wake at the slightest creek, the video monitor changed my life from that moment on.
  2. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (HERE): I remember even before I was pregnant for the first time, I wanted to be a Bugaboo mum. I imagined pushing my designer pram around my neighbourhood and when I finally got pregnant, it was the first thing I bought (Cameleon 1 in black and the Missoni add on). I had an ambassadorship with another pram brand with my second son, but with my last baby, I wanted a Cameleon 3 to remember how special I felt with my Bugaboo and to be honest, I couldn’t fault the Cameleon, I was so in love with my first one, I cried when I sold it.
  3. Boon Naked Bath (HERE): I was gifted a Boon Naked bath when my second son was born and we loved it! I didn’t mind being on the ground and bathing the baby whilst on my knees, I am always so paranoid about a baby slipping out of my hands from up high, that it was better peace of mind for me. I don’t know who I gave it to to loan but I bought a new one anyways as I loved it so much.
  4. Cocoonababy Nest (HERE): I have not used this product before, but I relied on my Instagram audience to guide me on new sleeping products such as bassinet’s and this product was the highest received response. I look forward to trying it and seeing if my baby loves it just like all my readers said it would.
  5. Baby Brezza (HERE):I heard this product was on the market around a year ago and since then, I knew it was something I had to investigate if I fell pregnant again. When I did fall pregnant again, I put a call out on Instagram again to ask my audience if they have tried it and if they recommended it, they all said yes! I trust the honest judgement from my readers and remembering how sleep deprived my husband and I were making bottles or forgetting to prep water or spilling formula, with my third baby, I want life to be a simple as I can make it as it will be hectic in every other way. I got this product and I cannot wait to give it a go for the first time when we are ready for our first bottle.
  6. Pottery Barn Kids Graham Cot (HERE): I knew I wanted a new cot for this baby as my previous cot (which I gave away to a friend) was a ‘sleigh’ design and in our tiny nursery, it took up too much space with the decorative sides. I love this cot, I love it classic yet modern design, I love the colour, I love the size, it converts to a toddler bed and I love love love the padding detail. I am yet to get this cot as I am waiting a little longer to organise the nursery and move things around in my house but this gorgeous cot is going to be a lovely feature in the nursery.
  7. Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser (HERE): Yet another product I used for both pregnancies  but gave away to a friend. This is a new design that I haven’t seen before and mine just arrived today, I didn’t want to change to another steriliser brand or a microwave one that Avent also have because we found this one really simple to use, especially for my husband to do when I go to bed. This steriliser takes 6 minutes to complete a cycle!
  8. Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump (HERE): The Medela Swing has to be the most popular breast pump and now it has a double pump, to make the pumping situation a whole lot faster and convenient. From experience with my other pregnancies I can assure you it is super easy to use, clean and well trusted by most mothers (and won awards), just ask a friend and I am sure they will say that they have one! I have heard Medela have another double electric pump called the Freestyle which also looks amazing and more compact, the price point is a little higher for that one.
  9. Valco Rico Bassinet (HERE): This is the bassinet I used with my second son, it is in-expensive and meets all my requirements. I knew I still wanted to use this bassinet, even when I did a call out on Instagram about suggestions, but I thought combining the lightweight and portable option of the Cocoonababy and this one, I cant go wrong. What I love about this bassinet is the ventilation around the sides (I don’t use it with the mosquito hood as per the image) and it is light weight, easy for me to carry up my steps for night and down the steps in the day time. My mother in law actually bought this bassinet for the beach house but when I first put Will in it, I told her I was taking it home with me, I never looked back.
  10. Maxi Cosi- Mico AP Car seat (HERE): This is probably the product I recommend the most to my friends. We loved our Maxi Cosi capsule and they keep getting better each new release. There is not much I need to say apart from, I have never needed or would try another baby car seat and the best part is that it simply clicks into my Bugaboo (and most pram) frames so you dont have to convert and wake a baby!
  11. Ubbi Nappy Bin (HERE): If you are a lazy mum like me, then you need a nappy bin. When I didn’t have a nappy bin, I would have stinky nappy bags sitting in the nursery or by the front door for too long and the smell is not pleasant. For my first baby, we had a really complicated nappy bin, it did all this fancy stuff and we ended up breaking it some how, it sat in the nursery with the lid off until we eventually got rid of it. I discovered the Ubbi Nappy bin and thought it was pleasant to look at, practical and simple to use. I received it the other day and am yet to open it but I am very glad I got it so my house is as odour free as possible.
  12. Pottery Barn Kids Graham Dresser and Topper Set (HERE): This beautiful piece of furniture matches the cot that I love. I think it is so lovely and would look so good in my nursery and the fact that it has a topper for a change mat and then you can take it off for a toddler room chest of drawers is perfect. I dont have this yet but it is currently on my wish list!
  13. Ubbi Nappy Caddy (HERE): I was soooo excited to find this product whilst looking at the Ubbi nappy bin. I actually laughed to myself when I saw this nappy caddy, because we used just a shoe box as our nappy caddy last time. I would have this box with me all day, down the steps in the day and up in my bedroom at night. This is such a great yet simple product that I know will make such a big difference to our days and several night changes. It holds nappies, has a space for a wipe dispenser and a draw for the creams and lotions. A great gift for a new mum also!

14. Swaddle Gro Bag (HERE): I love the Gro brand and is a trusted brand that I have used and love. My       boys slept in the original Gro bag until they moved out of their cots and now the swaddle will be a new item for me to try. This particular product is a 2in1 so you can convert from arm in to arm out.

15. Shoulder Bag Teether from Coopers Crib (HERE): Do I really need to explain why this is an essential? Ummmmm because it is the coolest teether I have ever seen and is oh-so on brand for me! I chose the Chanel-esque bag one, there are Celine-esqu and Hermes-esque and many for boys also. The perfect ‘essential’ for the fashion mama!

16. Pottery Barn Kids Knit Animal Cot Mobile (HERE): How gorgeous is this mobile? As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I ordered it online on the weekend. I love the neutral colours, the fact it is knitted and just so darn cute! I also ordered the mobile cot arm (HERE) as our ceilings are very high.

17. Sophie La Girafe (HERE): Sophie is essentially your babies first toy. When your baby starts to hold things and get bigger, Sophie will be his/her companion every day. I bought a Sophie for my boy’s to give the baby as a gift when they first meet their brother or sister in hospital.

18. The First Six Weeks by Midwife Cath (HERE): My very own guardian angle/baby whisperer/slash baby guru Midwife Cath wrote a book about the first six weeks of having a baby. I was lucky enough to have the women herself as my guidance when my second was born and now, I get to read her book and remember all the tricks she taught me. This will be your baby bible, the key to a good sleeping baby and practical and real advice for the modern mum.

19. Love to Dream Swaddle Up (HERE): Another great baby brand that I love and trust. We used these swaddles when both boys were ready to come out of the muslin wraps,

20. Mister Fly Baby Bundle (HERE): I recently fell in love with the Mister Fly brand and I just had to put a few of their products into this essentials list. I have this bundle for my baby and thought it was just the cutest thing and can see all the cute photos I will take of the baby with these items. The bundles come with different characters and is a wonderful gift idea for a new mama.

21. Pure Baby Zip Grow Suit (HERE): These life saving zip grow suits were first released when my first son was born. I had a few weeks of deliriously trying to button up the baby’s grow suit and getting the buttons all wrong, then I discovered the Pure Baby Zip suits. The best, the long lasting and gorgeous essentials on the market for your baby. Buy 12!

22. Bonds Zippy (HERE): Another option for the zippy grow suits, Bonds have a great bright, printed and fun collection of the zippies available also.

23. ToteSavvy (HERE): I always have tote bags as my nappy bag and this tote insert will be a blessing! I spent big bucks on my tote and I want to try and keep it as clean, milk free as possible!

24. La Clinica Organic For Baby (HERE): I have been using Organic for Baby since my second son was born and to this day, it is still the products we use to wash the boys. Babies and toddlers have sensitive skin, sometimes more than others and this organic baby range gives me peace of mind knowing I am doing the best I can for their skin. These products have been replenished in our household for over three years now.

25. Papoose Play Mats (HERE): I love supporting small businesses that steal my eye and Papoose play mats are absolutely gorgeous. They are hand made, custom made and I just cant wait for mine to arrive.

26. Bonds Body Suit Singlets (HERE): A definite essential, we have our boys wear these Bonds body suit singlets from new born, up until they are toilet trained. They wear them every single day to keep their chest warm. I recently bought a few packets of new ones but they last pretty well, through three hand-me-downs!

27. Hooded Towel (HERE): A hooded towel keeps your babies head warm after a bath and it is good to have around 3-4 of them. I dont like to spend a lot of money on them so I usually go to Big W for mine.

28. Cotton Nappies (HERE): My mum told me about these, they are great for burping, wiping up dribble and I put it in the bassinet tucked in tight under the mattress under where the babies head is for any spew ups. Buy a pack and give half to another mama.

29. Mister Fly Muslin Wrap (HERE): We always wrap our newborns in muslin wraps for the first few weeks and you can buy any muslin wrap you like, but as I said earlier, I love the Mister Fly prints, I got this bunny one for my baby.

30. Tooshies By TOM Baby wipes (HERE): I only use fragrance free wipes on my babies and the Tooshies ones are wonderful and are made with organic ingredients which means extra gentle! I will be taking these with me to the hospital to clean the baby after a nappy change. The hospital might suggest cotton balls and water to you, I tried that and well lets just say it lasted one nappy change.

31. Gro Egg (HERE): An essential? yes! I love my Gro Egg!!! The hardest part about a baby is knowing what to dress them in at night and with the Gro Egg, it makes this a little bit easier. The Gro Egg sits in your nursery and tells you the temp in the room, if it is too hot, it goes red and then fades lighter for a cooler room. I love it and have used one for almost 6 years!

32. Mister Fly Cot Quilt (HERE): The good folk at Mister Fly are going to love me after this post, but everything is so gorgeous! I love this reversible cot quilt so much, I don’t have it yet but its on my list for when the nursery is ready. That grey marle colour is my go-to for this baby from the pram to the nursery and I just think this piece is a gorgeous addition to a nursery.