Go ahead and google my name, Jess Dempsey, see what google predicts you will write next. Usually three things pop up, ‘Jess Dempsey husband’ (because, well, obviously it seems people think you can’t get anywhere these days without a famous, sportsman, rich or social scene partner? well I did this on my own thank you very much! Keep trying to google ‘Jess Dempsey husband’ and all you will find is a newspaper article about how he streaked through a western suburbs cricket match, jumped the wickets and broke his collar bone.) Second is ‘Jess Dempsey Instagram’ and third is ‘Jess Dempsey Wedding’.

So, as it is my 9 year wedding anniversary next week, and because I got married two years before I started this blog, I thought it was great time to share with you some of my wedding photos. Let me start by saying, I was 25 and the first out of any of my friends to get married, Josh and I knew that this was it, we wanted to be together and get married young, have children young and start our lives together. Oh, the memories from 2008, the sweet heart strapless, fish tail dresses, the sultry poses to the camera, my french nails, the bracelet that I thought I needed to wear to add more bling and the yellow flowers on my cake, Oh and I wore a garder….

I would do it all again so differently of course, now that my style has changed, I often dream about I would now wear a long sleeve lace dress, have the reception in a grand and beautiful marquee that is warm and moody with fresh white flowers, linen, chandeliers and fairy lights. My bridesmaids would wear long dresses and I would have flower girls this time in pretty white dresses with fresh baby’s breath flowers in their hair. But, as we all say, we couldn’t change the past, back then, I was so happy with my wedding, it actually was a heck of a party! Perhaps I could twist Josh’s arm to renew our vowels next your for the big ten-o and then I just might be able to wear that lace dress after all.