I must start by saying that I am LOVING dressing the bump this pregnancy.  This might be because there are a lot more fashionable maternity pieces available now, or perhaps because this is potentially my last pregnancy or because I love a good fashion challenge.

I thought I would share some tips with you on keeping your style during pregnancy:

Remember what colours suit you, these colours still apply during pregnancy, so look out for pieces in your colour palette.

Know your body and what styles suit you- I know it is hard when your body is changing but your assets are still your assets. I like to show off my legs over showing my arms so I keep my eye out for sleeved dresses that are short or midi length.

Saying this, my size A cup boobs usually go to a D at the end of pregnancy and after, which means I need to adjust to the change and be open to new cuts and styles when it comes to the top half of my body such as wearing more low cut, button down or v-neck tops.

I prefer tight fitting clothing to really show off my bump and my figure. If it is a loose fitting dress like this dress I am wearing above, I simply add a thin belt above the bump just to bring it in a little at the waist to give me, well some what of a waist.

Layering is fun! Add a jacket, trench, cardigan or denim jacket over your shoulders or through your arms, its just another simple way to add style to your look. This also includes throwing on a scarf, neck tie or layering long tops or shirts under knitwear.

If you wore ripped jeans before pregnancy or any kind of jean that you loved, then simply find the same style but in maternity. There are so many great maternity jeans out there that accomodate all styles and fits.

Find long tops and long t-shirts, they will see your though your pregnancy without getting too short and I always think a long top always looks better over jeans. You could simply tuck the front in to give you some shape.

If you have crop tops in your wardrobe like I do, don’t put them away during your pregnancy because they look super cute with a really high waisted stretchy skirt that will sit over your bump.

Dont forget the jewellery, a choker looks fab with a low cut top or cami and kind of takes away from the amount of skin you are showing, for me it makes me feel more comfortable. A long necklace is great for elongating you also.

Be practical with your shoes. I will not wear stiletto heels or super high heel during pregnancy. I fell over at the races in my high heels during my last pregnancy and it was very scary and my knees have the scars to prove it. Your gravity of balance is all off and not worth the bloody knees, trust me. Opt for ankle boots with thick or block heels, same for pumps, and wedges are great also.

Dont limit yourself to just your clothes, as you get bigger, your hair might look really chic (and more slimming) tied up or in a high bun!


Some pieces on my wish list below