You should know me by now, if you have been following me for a while, you would have figured out that I am all about being honest and authentic. This goes for when I am talking about my children, myself and the brands that I work with and one of the biggest things I pride myself on, is choosing the right brands to work with that I genuinely love or that I think you will love.

LG Australia approached me a little while ago as they obviously saw I run a hectic life and now with little Freddie, boy #3, my washing load is NEVER. ENDING. It is funny how they knew I would be a good fit for this product and as soon as I opened up the email, I knew too.

What are we talking about? We are talking about the LG TWIN Wash® and if you haven’t heard about it, well, let me prepare you to start LOVING walking into your laundry- no, this isn’t me using humour, this is SO serious.

I often joke (not joke) about having two washing machines worked into my new renovation (starting in Feb and this laundry is desperate to be demolished!)  because I actually cannot keep up with the boys’ laundry (can you imagine when they are teenagers?) as well as mine and Josh’s, in fact, I find I hardly ever wash my own clothes because I want to decrease the loads.

The LG TWIN Wash® does two loads at once and for me, this is ground breaking goodness from the LG heavens!  You can wash a large or regular load in the main washer on top while the TWIN Wash® Mini simultaneously washes a small specialty load- excellent for my designer t-shirts and activewear!

I will NEVER promote a product without trying it first and although my old washing machine is still in good nick, I had to install my LG TWIN Wash® and know for myself, and for you, that this change would be a life changing, change-change for me, and it was. I love it!

I did a towel load first, so I could get used to the settings and what I loved was being able to set my temp to exactly what I wanted with the touch screen, which is so important for us as we usually wash our clothing on cold and towels on hot and when someone comes to help me out with the washing, it will be easy for them to ensure they know how we prefer our washing set. The cutest thing was that when the cycle finished, it plays a musical tune!

In terms of appearance, it is slimmer (Width: 600mm Height: 1220mm Depth: 700mm), sleek and obviously taller, but the slimmer size doesn’t mean to skimp on the capacity (11kg Main Washer 2kg Mini Washer). The mini washer was a bit of a novelty for me, I got super excited over doing two loads at once, talk about multitasking at its finest! It is such an attractive little mini and I put my designer tee’s in for a long overdue wash and I knew and of course they did, come out beautiful- cold wash of course.

A pretty impressive feature is the SmartThinQ which lets you remotely start or monitor the wash via an app on your phone! That’s super cool!

Now excuse me, whilst I put on two loads at once… still shocked! Haha!


More info and to see the LG TWIN Wash® click on the link below. Bravo LG! xxx

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