It is no secret that I love diamonds, my every day jewellery consists of my engagement and wedding rings, my diamond stud earrings, a simple thin diamond band, a casual silk bracelet with diamond crosses and hearts on it and my yellow diamond (Hello Yellow by ANTON) ring. I am pretty blingy but I love it and each and every piece that I wear has played some sort of significance in my life and every day I am reminded of those moments by simply wearing these pieces.

I thought it would be a great time to talk about push presents! Firstly, not everyone has to get a sparkly push present, it could be a designer bag, a pair of shoes or a bunch of flowers but because I love diamonds and I love ANTON Jewellery, I thought we should talk about the luxe side to push presents.

  1. Diamond eternity rings or simple diamond rings: I love the idea of adding another every day ring to wear, perhaps on the right hand. Diamond bands come in so many different price points, sizes and designs and I can’t get enough of them! I have a simple, fine diamond band I wear on my right hand that I love and I think a diamond band ring is a really lovely way to symbolise another mile stone in your life and is stackable for when you have more children and can be tailored to any budget.
  2.  Colour stones: As I mentioned, I love a yellow diamond and incase you didn’t know, I wear my Hello Yellow ANTON ring every day. A coloured diamond or gem stone piece is very luxe and can be worn every day if it is a ring or on special occasions for earrings. ANTON have some spectacular coloured stones to fall in love with, anyone would be lucky to be spoilt with these precious pieces.
  3. A Diamond Pendant Necklace: I love the idea of wearing a necklace every day, a fine chain with a hint of sparkle at the end. The significance of this piece will be close to your heart always and ANTON have so many options such as this striking necklace in the above image and more gorgeous options such as cross pendants. I think this is a really special option and again one for all different price points and personal styles.
  4. The diamond bracelet or bangle: The holy grail of push presents is currently a tennis bracelet. Just imagine that sparkler on your wrist whilst breastfeeding every hour, surely that will make things a whole lot better right? I love stacking my bracelets that I wear each day and if I had a tennis bracelet (I would be happy with a real fine one, not too chunky, I’ll take anything) or even a bangle that has hints of diamonds on it like the ones in the image above, I would still stack them with my every day bangles. I love a bit of arm candy, especially ones that shine! ANTON have an extensive range from fine to the mouth watering chunky!
  5. Watches: Perhaps it is time for a watch upgrade? What better time to do this properly than at the birth of your child, I mean, when you are a mother, you live by the clock! ANTON have the best watch brands in the world and something for everyone. I still dream of a Chopard floating diamond watch, a dream I have had since my Uni days. ANTON have all the best brands such as Chopard, IWC Schaffhausen, Piaget, Franck Muller, Longines, Gucci and many more.
  6. Diamond Earrings: I received some diamond earrings after my first baby was born and I haven’t taken them out since, well, except for when I get a spray tan! Diamond studs are a wonderful option for a luxe push present because they are a classic jewellery piece you will wear forever. Diamond studs come in all shapes, designs, sizes and price points and ANTON have the best selection I have seen. Even if you only ever have boys, the “I will hand them down to my children” argument will work because you could give one diamond to each child!
  7. Simple stackable bracelets: Like I said, not everyone wants the bling, but they still want a jewellery piece. ANTON have a sensational and extensive collection of stackable and simple bracelets. Like I mentioned, my silk bracelet with hearts and crosses, this is from ANTON, their Capri and Cecil collection (as featured above) have many lovely pieces and all unique and special and luxe without the diamond price point. A lovely idea would be to stack these bracelets with each child and you will have a lovely wrist of arm candy with significance with each one and then you could pass them down to each child when they are older.

So, there you have it, my luxe push present guide! If you happen to pop into any of the ANTON boutiques (see list HERE) be sure to tell them I sent you! Or, you will probably see me in there, the staff are so gorgeous I feel like family, I have to visit them all the time and try on a few shiny things to brighten up my day!

Good Luck Mamas!