Well, that’s a wrap! MBFW Australia is over for another year. This year, I only attended Monday to Wednesday, as I am headed to Dallas next week for a conference and I wanted to get back home this week to spend as much time with the little ones as possible before heading to the States. I am going to miss them so much, even if it is only just 6 days.

My week was hectic, landing in Sydney at 9am, going straight to my home away from home, QT Sydney and touching up make up and putting on my outfit in their guest bathrooms as my room was not yet ready and jumping into my first of a million Uber’s for the week. I captured most of the shows on my snap chat so you could see it live but if you missed it, here is a little break down.

My first show was Bec & Bridge, a 70’s inspired collection with luna references and models walking down a puddled runway. Followed by Watson x Watson, By Johnny and my fav for the day, Aje. As you can see in my images above for day 1, Aje stole my heart as I mentally added each piece to my shopping cart as it strolled down the candle lit runway. My highlight was a long sleeve denim maxi, oh-so 70’s with a fresh vibe.

That night was room-service for me, a QT burger and a movie.

The next morning, it was up and at-em’ for a 10am Ginger & Smart show. I pretty much loved every piece in this collection, the back gold exposed zips, the sophisticated yet sexy dresses and earthy metallic tones and soft digital flora prints amongst the trademark lace.

Next was, well, Toni Maticevski, the genius. Those lucky enough to sit front row left with their own smart tablet, what a gift bag! I sat third row back, which was actually great compared to second row as I was on a tall stool and had a fabulous view of this uber cool collection. The shiny golds peeked amongst the bold black silhouettes, florals and structure. I mean, I just can’t explain how good it was without using hand gestures and my over expression-ate face, but the instagram spam you would have seen from the awe struck crowd would have you knowing what I am talking about. An absolute highlight of my week, with the grand set and props of glass balls and suitcases adding to the detail, proving that Karl and his sets in Grande Palais are not the only theatrics in the industry.

A trip to the Sephora media expo to retrieve the best gift bag in the history of gift bags, dinner with Rekorderlig with my pals and a third day visit to a designer children’s wear showroom CFW and I am back in Melbourne.

All my outfit details are mentioned above and for some fabulous street style coverage, just head to my gorgeous photographer, Karen Woo’s website HERE!

Thank you to Bridgette Taylor the What would Karl Do? associate for making this scrap book coverage so awesome! Be sure to check out her blog and IG!