Yesterday, I got back from Sydney after three days at MBFWA 2016. This was my 6th year, a lot has changed in my six visits, from the beginning when I was just starting out and hoping for any sort of seat with a view, to sitting front row at every show the year after and there after that and then today when the blogger community is so huge and the Sydney girls reign power house and I just don’t know where I would be seated, first, second, third or fourth.

Hey, it is all part of the fashion journey I am taking, to be honest, I am grateful that I have been doing this a while and have a solid name in the industry that ensures my mummy/fashion world is neither more or less side-heavy and I actually wouldn’t change it for the world. Hey, it’s fashion and it moves super fast, we need to keep our skates on!

So, if you followed my snap chat, you would have seen the shows I attend, the friends I hung out with and extra things I got up to, including at trip to Hillsong Church with the Twice Blessed girls.

Three days up there was perfect for me, I got to see my fav shows Maticevski, By Johnny and MacGraw and I was not let down, thats for sure! Of course the Maticevski show was going to be amazing, it always is, the creative collection, the styling, the location, the jam packed show is always a highlight, my favourite piece was hands down the silver sequin dress at the end (see image above) as you know I love sequins!

By Johnny, love him! It covered all the P’s, polkadots, peplums, pleats, pockets and pretty!

And then there was MacGraw…. the jaw-OMG-dropping moment when the set lit up to show a big pink doll-house like facade, the doors open and out bounces a blonde tousled haired beauty in a floral, appliqué mini dress with a whole lot of goodness to follow. Chanel-esque (can we say that?) Layered meringue dresses with black (Karl-like) ribbon neck ties, velvet, lace, floral, just a whole lot of sweet Jess-would-wear-it-all amazingness!

I also had a day filming with Lenovo, they followed me around to capture my fashion week and it gave me a change to chat to camera, I love chatting to camera! Did you know I used to do acting?

So, that was it for me for 2016, next stop, winter, not much on the horizon for June July in terms of events but lets see what we can make of it!