Hey guys,

Well, here I am, sitting snug in my bed in Sydney during fashion week. I can’t tell you how good I feel right now all cosy, in my husbands cotton tshirt, no shoes on and blogging whilst watching TV with no cheeky child coming in and out his bedroom.

This year, I have been covering the runways over on my snap chat (whatwouldkarldo) and will get around to doing a recap post later this week with my favourite pieces from my favourite designers. The atmosphere is always so different here in Sydney compared to Melbourne, I do love my Melbourne crew, we all stick together and is a great way to re-connect and catch up on what we have all been up to since the last time we saw each other. We all really support each other and know that we are all different and are not competitors, we are friends.

Meanwhile, it is business as usual here in WWKD land, which means an outfit post for tonight.

Did you see recently I have been posting about DFO on my instagram? Well, that is because I teamed up with them to bring you this blog post! I attend their DFO Insider launch last week, launching their VIP program for you to sign up to and get premier access to events, promotions, offers and sales (check it out here) and actually, it was a star studded event, one of the best I have been to in a while (and being a cancerian, I am pretty choosey on when I leave the house!)

On the night, the basement floor retailers stayed open and I got to have a little shop. Did you know that they have Michael Kors, Furla, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Sass and Bide and Armani? Hello Armani Junior! I spent way to much time in CK that I was running out of time to really suss out the other stores but I happened to snap up this entire outfit. You know I love my designer stuff but you also know that I never wear complete top to toe designer, as I love my high street stuff too much. I feel like DFO is the perfect place to achieve this, with also getting the designer part at a better price.

Here I wear CK Calvin Klein tshirt along with jeans and plaid shirt (my go-to look) from.. wait for it… Valley Girl! I have never purchased from Valley Girl before, but the plaid shirt caught my eye and I was in there before I knew it. My shoes are Decjuba, another basement retailer at the South Warf centre.

I highly recommend if you are in Melbourne (or any other state that a DFO is in) that you get in quick and sign up for the DFO Insider program, get insider-only offers, styling tips, fashion events, giveaways and be the first to know about the sales, especially for the designer stores as the stock always goes first. Also, if you are looking to have a wardrobe re-vamp, it is basically your one-stop-shop for shoes, clothes, kids, sport, designer etc! In fact, I am taking mum there this weekend to finish off what I started the other night! Ha!

Well, I best be signing off, I have a big day tomorrow filming a special project and  basically being a fashionista. xxx