I thought I would film me putting on my daily Liberty Belle RX skin care as many of you always ask me questions about what products I use. As you might remember, I was gifted the collection late last year and it was good timing because I was ready to dedicate my time to looking after my skin.

Since using Liberty Belle RX (please dont let this come across ‘paid’ as I have-not been, just gifted at the beginning) I have seen huge results, hence the reason for me being such a passionate advocate for the brand.

The morning products I use are:

Braveheart Cleanser
Next-Level tri-c
Bright Star- Brightening
Power Broker- Moisturiser
Superher- SPF 50+
Game Changer- complexion perfect-er and my primer
Eye Do- Eye gel

Liberty Belle have created the ultimate online skincare finder to help customers find the best skincare regime or product tailored for them.

Liberty Belle Rx is a comprehensive range which is customisable for all skin types, ages and genders. The best skincare regime must be thoughtfully integrated with products that complement each other and deliver leading edge solutions. With this in mind, they understand that putting together a new skincare regime can be confusing! That’s why they have created a skincare finder (HERE) to help customers navigate products and receive a customised regime just for them, with their skin type and skin concerns in mind. 

It takes just under 2 minutes – and a personalised regime will be emailed directly to customers inbox.

Launch offer

To celebrate the launch of the Liberty Belle Rx skincare finder, anyone who completes the skincare finder and purchases 3 or more products from the recommended regime will receive a complimentary Superstar SPF 50+ valued at $60. This is valid until 31st April, 2019.