You know I love sharing personal stories on my blog, the mix of a fashion outfit and birthing story somehow works here on WWKD circa 2016. My audience (you) have grown with me, most of you are at motherhood stage and the rest are still in the sleep in days and come to me for my fashion. I am a fashion mum, its the best way to describe me now, and it is very interesting to see the spike in blog traffic when I talk about personal things, either I am a really good story teller, or you are all a bunch of stalkers (jokes) in the words of Kris Jenner “I love you guys”.

Here is a story about selecting a baby name:

Picking a baby name is so hard as it is. That list of 6 girls and boys names you had stored in your phone’s notes or in a diary somewhere or just remembered in your mind now have to be analised by your partner. This means that the list that you have held close to your heart for so many years may actually not be relevant if your baby daddy disagrees and then you have to start from scratch, together, and make a new list. Agh! How annoying is this? I mean, how can someone just come along and take away all your baby name dreams just like that? SO WHAT if it is his sperm that helped make the baby, and who cares if your mum was going to call you Peter/Paul/Simon, I dont like it and we are not using it because it was ‘almost’ your name. Like I said, it is so hard to think of a name! The reason the dear, un-named babies at 10 days old don’t have a name must be because mummy and daddy couldn’t agree within 9 months, after a lifetime worth of names were scrapped and scrunched up in the bin. Not to mention the influence of your mum, dad, siblings, aunties, uncle, sister in law, cousin’s, mother in law, father in law and Jimmy-Bob-Magee from down the road.

“I don’t like that name”

“It rhymes with fart”

“ It doesn’t work with your surname”

“That’s my baby name, you cant use it”

“It has too many syllables or not enough syllables”

Seriously, agggh!

I found Aston’s name in a baby book when I was 5 weeks pregnant (yes, I literally just pee’d on a stick and got a baby name book) and as I knew Josh liked Aston Martin’s I ran it by him for a boy option and just like that it was done. We then went on to add a list of girls names that we could never agree on and even until the day of his birth, if it was a girl, we didn’t have a girls name because we couldn’t agree (lucky he was a boy).

Second time round, I found a girls name and it was ready to roll but we didn’t have a boys name option. When we found out we were having a boy, we were on a naming mission. We created a list of about four names we liked but we both kind of preferred Will. The only thing we told our family was that we chose a royal name. It just so happened that my father in law decide to announce out loud “I hope it isn’t William, I hate William”

Yikes! I kept a straight face.