You guys, I don’t even know what to write about. To be honest, I have been putting this blog post off for a few days and now here I am. I have actually been trying to be more ‘in the moment’ at home and give the family more attention. You know? like dropping everything to be with the kids when they want you to get down on the floor and play Lego or when they want you to get the play doh out when you are just about to hang the washing out. Also taking the time to ask the hubby how his day was and sit on the couch and chat for ages about our day instead of, well, working and worrying about the house mess.

This is because, recently I have noticed some disfunction in our house hold. Kids have been going mental, husband shitty, me- losing my mind with the mess, washing and everything else, that I came to the realisation that I need to prioritise family first. Seriously, it is May already and it makes you realise how as you get older, time starts to fly. I better get my arse off that phone/laptop and on that floor and play with that darn Lego before these boys don’t want anything to do with me. I need to give in and realise, I am a busy mum with two boys, yes, the house is a mess, but don’t miss out one little moments.

I found that by putting my phone down throughout the day and getting my work done during my ‘work hours’ (when kids are both in daycare and kinder) my family functioned much better, we are more present and content with each other.

In other news, the whole world seems to be having babies, seriously, I missed that memo a few months back!  I remember when I was pregnant, I would only wear kitten heels, block heels or flats, so I thought I would include a few ‘low heel’ variety of shoes in this post, kinda like the ones in the above, for those of you who are on the hunt for some comfort shoes (preg or not).