I had many messages on my instagram photos lately asking how I make my hair have a soft beauty wave through it. Well, it is simple so I shot this little film to show you. But first, lets back track… I wash my hair, dry it, straighten it and then if I have time that day I will do the curling, if not, the next day is great too as the hair isn’t so straight. If I could blow dry my hair straight or smooth myself, I would skip the straightening part.

You can see in the video that it is important to section the hair into smallish pieces, have the curler pointing downwards (or up if you prefer just as long as it is verticle) and then wrap the hair (from not too high up near roots) and hold it on the curler for around 8-10 seconds and let it just fall off the curling tool. Once the entire head is all done, I use my fingers to break the hair up a little, but not too much.

You can get the ghd creative curl wand HERE