Let me start by saying, I am NOT a professional at make-up, but I have been doing my make-up each day from a young age. I thought I would show you the products I am currently using each morning for a quick everyday glam look. These are the products I use and just replenish as I love them all! I have also added some mineral make up since filming this a few weeks ago, I will share it on my IG next week for you. Obviously, I don’t put make up on every day with a newborn, but when I can spare 10minutes, this is what I do to feel alive again!

Take from this what you like xx

Moisturiser: La Clinica
Primer: Mecca
Foundation: Jane Irredale
Contour stick: Actually, I don’t know… maybe Tarte
Blender: Beauty Blender
Concealer: iT Cosmetics
Highlighter: Becca
Bronzer: Mecca Maxima
Blush: Mecca Maxima
Eye Shadow: Stila
Eyeliner: Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’r
Brows: I now like to use Anastasia Beverly Hills
Lips: Nudestix