sheike sheikesheike sheike

Firstly, apologies for the belly button, I know, its hideous! Why oh why does my belly button pop out like a terrible growth when I usually have a nice neat innie? I probably should have put a bandaid over it for styling purposes! During my pregnancy I have replaced my snap back caps for other, more feminine headpieces as I already look like a teenage pregnancy without having to emphasise my baby face with a basketball cap. I have been playing around with necklaces as headpieces and without going too crazy, I don’t mind it. I must also point out that is not a maternity dress which is so much fun for me testing what fashion still fits me.

Anyways, I have a child to get to bed, a house to clean and some feet to put up so I am keeping this post short tonight. xo

Dress: Sheike (BUY HERE), Shoes: Target, Headpiece: ASOS necklace

Photography: Lisa Frieling