I spent some time over the weekend doing some online shopping for the kids and the baby.

I could have packed the kids up into the car, fought for a car space and made my way through the weekend crowds but that doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? I knew what I wanted and I knew where I wanted it from and so it took me a simple stroll to my office with my cup of tea, a click here and there, entering in my memorised credit card details (evil thing that is!) and then I was back with the kids in the lounge room playing Lego.


For those of you that have dabbled in the online shopping for kids but haven’t fully committed to it, I dedicate this blog post to you.


Some benefits of shopping online for kids:

The obvious- If you have boys (because I assume girls like shopping) they hate shopping in clothing stores, you will hear the “I’m bored” and “Let’s GO MUMMY!” on repeat. Save yourself the stress and shop online. Shop in your pjs- any time of the day!


Sales- online stores have sales more often than in store and when the stores (including department stores) do their big mid and end of year sales. No one likes to elbow strangers and cause a cat fight to grab the last size 3 (for some reason, size 3 is very popular and usually sells out first) in that boys top you wanted.


If you are signed up to an online stores mailing list, you will be notified of lots of discounts throughout the year and usually for first time shoppers, you get a first-time percent off!


Discount Codes- sometimes in the online store emails they will notify you of an exclusive 24-hour discount code or if you just google the store you want to shop from, and then say, ‘discount code’ you might be able to come across a code to use in the check-out that will give you some money off your purchase.


Exclusive items- Sometimes online retailers have online exclusives, especially if you are shopping from an international kid’s designer store, you will pick up pieces you wouldn’t see here in our department stores that stock that brand. Whilst you are shopping the designer kid’s clothes, I suggest you do so during their sales!


Online shopping can give you direct access to a brand that may not have it’s own standalone bricks and mortar outlet.  This unfettered access can open up opportunities that you wouldn’t necessarily have in the shops – for example our favourite shoes from NZ shoe brand Bobux have a huge range but High Street boutiques often only stock a limited range.  As a Bobux online customer we also hear about special designer releases as well as their biannual sales.


Shop a season ahead. Again, if you shop an international kid’s retailer website, their seasons are opposite to us, so their winter season pieces go on sale as we head into our winter! Snap up these bargains!


Some of the best and cheapest online kids and baby clothes are from international High St chains such as Marks and Spencer and Next, these little gems have a great international shipping policy, smooth to shop with and will save you some money on buying things such as baby singlets, pjs, clothing and accessories.



Always be sure to read the ‘size and fit’ section when you select the items you like. Some brands that are international might be small to size, especially French brands.

Always check that the online store ships to Australia (or your country)

If you can pop into the actual store of the online retailer and try the item on, I would suggest this and then jump online and use their online discount code or % off so you feel confident for your first time. [Once you’re familiar with a brand it makes online shopping much easier – I know that Bobux shoes are consistent with their sizes which means I can trust that when I order the next size up there will be no surprises.]

Always read the description, especially if you are shopping from an international store, you just want to make your transaction as smooth as possible and avoid having to return something if you could have prevented it. Navy sometimes looks like black.


Some quick tips on styling your kids:

If you feel like your kid’s need a wardrobe refresh and you are ready to jump online and shop up a storm, remember the following:

Each child has their own personality. Aston my eldest is always neat and clean, he likes to look tailored, slim fit and styled and is happy to do so. Will my second is rough and tumble, I try and buy him track pants or comfy jeans he can run around in. Although Will looks great in white, I must avoid it until he is at least 12years old.

Know what colors suit your kids, we avoid red, orange and green on our boys as it just doesn’t look nice on them, their pale skin and sandy hair works best with pastels and any shade of blue. If you find a cute Dolce and Gabbana dress for your daughter that is super cheap but is not her colour, trust me, don’t get it!