I always thought that having boys would be boring when it came to dressing them and that I would completely miss out on all the fun that girl mums have. I soon learnt that I was absolutely wrong and that it only took me a short time to work out how to style boys. You see, gone are the days of boys just wearing character t-shirts, track pants and surfer t-shirts, like it would have been when I was growing up, now fashion is exciting for everyone and even boys!

When Aston was only a little toddler and he was ready to come out of wearing onesie/pjs all day, I tried him in a few different styles and colours until I really knew what suited him and his little personality. I found that the ‘preppy’ look was certainly his style and I continued to shop for polos, short shorts, jumpers rather than hoodies, crew neck t-shirts rather than v-neck and in blues, greys and whites. I actually used to call him my mini Chuck Bass or Aston Disick (as in Scott Disick) Today, he still has this style and luckily brands such as Bardot Junior are all about this style, hence most of my boys’ wardrobe is made up of their collections.

Will, is a different build, personality and colouring to his older brother Aston, however, he also suits the same colour-way as Aston’s clothing and looks great in the preppy look also. The only difference is, Will won’t wear skinny pants (he is quite stocky), we get slightly roomier ones for him and Aston looks good in Navy but Will in mainly a lighter blue colour pallet.

For Freddie, well, I just like to put him into rompers and overalls because they look so darn cute!

When it comes to you styling your own boys, first work out what colours best suit them. Once you know what colours suit them, then find the styles that work best for their body and for their personality.

If they are active like Will, then looser and comfortable options are great so they can move around. If they are skinny like Aston, I do like him in skinny jeans, anything baggy makes him look even skinnier. Then once you know the styles of clothing that suit your boys (polos or t-shirt or short-shorts or baggy shorts etc) then when you go shopping, this makes life so much easier, simply scan the racks for the right colours and then in that range, see if the pieces are those that suit your child’s physique.

Always keep in mind two things- boys like to run and play so there is a time and a place for certain looks. For a more relaxed look for my boys, I like putting them in jeans or casual chinos with a t-shirt or polo rather than a dressy shirt or tailored pieces. Sometimes we find some neat track pants for winter or sports classes and pair it back with a clean t-shirt or polo. But no matter what, casual, dressy or in-between, I always stick to our signature colour palette.

The second thing to keep in mind is that boys do get messy, so save their nice clothes for the weekend and the others for play or kinder days.

One more tip, don’t be shy to layer boys, there is nothing more stylish than a boy in a t-shirt with a denim shirt over the top or a shirt/top and jacket or even a polo collar under a jumper, keep the bottom layer un-tucked and peeking out at the bottom of the jumper.