It has taken me a while to get around to showing you Freddie’s gender neutral baby nursery, so finally here it is. When I was planning this room, I wanted it to be as gender neutral as possible, but have the option to add a hint of feminine or masculine to it after the baby was born if I chose to.

The colour palette is clean and fresh and pretty much everything in the room is two colours, white and grey. Sticking to a limited palette has really made this room what it is and to be honest it is actually quite basic and not over styled. I wanted the furniture to be the hero in this nursery, as I know from having two other children, the babies grow and you end up having to get ‘big kid’ furniture later on. All the pieces I chose for this room, I thought of for the long run. I could use the coffee table else where around the house, the rocking chair converts to a normal chair, the photo frames will be used on other walls and the lamp and rug could eventually be used in a big boy room also.

Although this room, as I said, is under-styled, I let the texture in the pieces in the room give the room its unique and ‘full’ appeal. The linen and wood rocking chair, the textured coffee table and the bumpy rug, lift the room and give it an ‘enough’ sense of use of space.

Clearly, I am a Pottery Barn Kids fan, but rightly so, have you been in there? It is a one stop shop of goodies and oh-so my classic style! I actually did a little photoshoot with them in my nursery in which a stylist decked out this room beautifully for the shoot in West Elm and PBK decor, ornaments and furnishings and boy, was it heavenly! The images will be released soon, so stay tuned for this.

It isn’t shown in the video, however above the chair is two shelves with a few soft toys, photo frames and books on it. I am also looking at getting a lovely ‘Freddie’ decal above the change table to fill that space and make it a feature.

If you dont know the gender of your baby, you could do a similar nursery and then add in a more gender specific range of items in afterwards, such as bed linen or cushion’s, art work, a doll house or wall decals with the baby name on it.

Cot: Pottery Barn Kids
Chair:Pottery Barn Kids
Side table:Pottery Barn Kids
Nappy Bin: Ubbi
Cot sheet: Pottery Barn Kids
Cot pillow:Pottery Barn Kids
Mobile: Pottery Barn Kids
Mobile arm: Pottery Barn Kids
Quilt: Mister Fly
Owl: Gro
Gro Egg: Gro
Lamp: Pottery Barn Kids
Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Photo frames: Pottery Barn Kids