Morning sickness explained

Don't let the title fool you, firstly, let me explain what 'morning' sickness means: All day, every hour and minute until you go to sleep and sometimes in your sleep and then you wake up and it starts again sickness. The End. Imagine that scrolling on Instagram made you queasy, [...]

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WWKD x Gucci Editorial

Gown: GUCCI / Jewellery & Watch: ANTON JEWELLERY Aston wears: Jacket: GUCCI / Shirt and Jeans: BALLOON KIDS & Shoes: BOBUX Credits Photographer: Karen Woo (@heykarenwoo), MU+H: Aimmey Pham (@missaimmey) Talent and Styling: Jess Dempsey (@whatwouldkarldo) and her son Aston Dempsey. Location Melbourne, Australia, 2017.

2019-04-24T11:07:47+10:00April 2, 2017|

My Gucci baby

I am so excited to share the WWKD x Karen Woo editorial series for 2017. Each year we do two big editorial shoots, last year, you might remember the Louboutin shoot? See HERE to refresh your memory. This year, we have teamed up with NET-A-PORTER, GUCCI and  ANTON JEWELLERY for [...]

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What to expect being a mother of boys

From the moment Aston was born, I knew more about boys than girls. I immediately was faced with tackling, well, the tackle, a small little thing that for some reason enjoyed squirting me in the face during nappy changes. A quick call out to all the mums-of-boys on face book, [...]

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What they didn’t tell you about child birth

As I mentioned in my post the other week (HERE: what they didn't tell you about pregnancy) I thought I would continue this series with: 'What they didn't tell you about birth.' I might keep this one brief as I am definitely not an expert on every single unique child birth that [...]

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What they never told you about pregnancy

As I mentioned (here),  I recently did a call out on my socials to ask what my readers wanted me to write about on my blog. The personal aspect seemed to be a favourite, despite the fact I have impeccable style ;p you just keep coming back for the juicy [...]

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15 things you didn’t know about me

15 things you didn't know about me: I didn't colour my hair until I was 21 I only just realised that I should be shaving above my knee's :/ I am not as polished as you think (obviously ^^^) because I never have time to have manicured nails, polished nails [...]

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My Birth story part 1

Let me start by telling you that this is a blog post I wrote a little while ago for THE MUMMY CONFIDENTIALS, a blog I shared with my aunty Helen, but due to WWKD being as busy as ever, we pulled away from TMC and Helen shares mummy-hood through her [...]

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