15 things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I didn’t colour my hair until I was 21
  2. I only just realised that I should be shaving above my knee’s :/
  3. I am not as polished as you think (obviously ^^^) because I never have time to have manicured nails, polished nails don’t last long on me and finding the time to get them re-done never happens.
  4. I get my moles checked every 6 months because I am super scared of skin cancer (for someone who doesn’t sunbake) and a breast check every year.
  5. My husband is obsessed with golf, he works in the industry and plays it once a week. The check out chick at the local supermarket thinks he is a pro-golfer and I just go along with the story for fun. He wishes!
  6. I worry too much about what other people think of me.
  7. I get annoyed when a really nice photo on my instagram gets less likes then a simple mirror selfie! haha #firstworldworries #sosilly #oknowimoverit
  8. I used to drink alcohol, I used to get drunk, but every time, I would throw up and feel so sick that one day, I actually said no more! And I am one of those rare species of humans that actually followed through with this. Now days, I have one or two girly drinks and I am done.
  9. My brother and his fiancé had their first baby (boy) a week after I had Aston and then they had their second baby (boy) two weeks before I had Will.
  10. I am four years younger than my youngest aunty. My Nanna (pronounced ‘nunna’) had my aunty when she was 40 but my mum in her teens (with two other children in between)
  11. I could eat 5 pastizzi’s one after the other without guilt.
  12. I am body conscious about my tummy (since my cesarean) and my arms, I rarely have arms out have you noticed?
  13. On my work days, I go to kinder drop off with absolutely no make up on and scruffy hair.
  14. I can move my littlest toe side to side on its own without moving any other toes.
  15. I really want another baby, we will hopefully be pregnant next year.