Week 11

Wow, we are almost at the 12-week mark, I remember the count to 12 weeks pregnant and how it just dragged and all I wanted to do was tell everyone I was pregnant. As you would know (if you have followed me for a while) that I was horrifically sick from week 5 of pregnancy and trying to hide my nausea was not easy, and when I finally did announce the pregnancy at 13 weeks, everyone said the sickness would subside, but I knew (and it did) go up until around 28 weeks!

Here we are at 11 weeks post birth with little Freddie, and a few people have asked me if it has flown, but really, I think my answer is a combination of yes and no. You see, as Freddie is most likely my last child, I have been soaking up every second with him and taking it really slow and in the moment. I am happy to wake up for the night feeds and am very patient for the settling,and this has happened a lot this week, feeding all night and settling all day.

This week started off great, his sleep had improved at night, so 10:30pm dream feed (formula) and then on Tuesday, he next fed at 4am (breast)! Woo hoo! That was a five-and-a-half-hour stint, but, I actually woke up every hour from around 2am, anticipating him to wake up and my boobs were ready for him! I was able to build up my milk supply with the fenugreek tablets and the milk cookies and my night feeds had the most milk.

However, the next night and so forth this week, the 4am feed went back to 3am and then 2am and then the last few days of week 11, he woke at 1am!!!! So, currently now, I am feeding pretty much all night. I didn’t want to tell you this, but I know you like my honesty, at around the 4am feed, when I actually am a little exhausted from all the feeding, I feed him lying down in my bed and I then let him co-sleep with us (safely). Just like the other boys, as soon as he even touches my bed with his head, he can sleep for hours! Sometimes until 8am (it’s school holidays) What is with this?

Freddie is still on boob strike in the day (this did improve at the beginning of the week but went back to strike more mid-week), which is starting to be a problem and putting me in a position where I have to pump the milk out three times a day and I know that soon, I won’t have time to do this as Aston will be going to school, Will to kinder and I will be doing the drop off and pick-ups, and I will be working again soon (currently looking for a nanny for two days a week so I can have my work days back and not work at night like I am currently doing).
Should I give up trying to breast feed him in the day and just save it for morning and night and middle of the night feeds? I just don’t know. You know, I think he actually has forgotten how to suck the breast, he just kind of suckles the nipple and it is all wrong! Waaaaaa! it breaks my heart, my darling boy, suck that darn boob! It’s for you! What your daddy would give to be able to do that, Josh is definitely missing out on the perks (;P) of my c-cup compared to my usual A cup. Today I wished I never started the bottle top up’s because my goal for this pregnancy was to BF for 6 months. I know this is not going to happen.

This week, I have also noticed Freddie doesn’t like to be alone, separation anxiety has appeared in him when I leave him on my bed just to grab a pair of jeans or on the play mat, it doesn’t happen to often but this certainly is a new thing for him. Also, he isn’t loving the time on his back on the play mat, he prefers to be up right with a pillow, and in the bouncer? Forget it! So, mate… where can I put you???? I am holding him pretty much all day now, apart from when he is in his bed.

I am still waiting to really see the change in him with the new formula I mentioned in week 10. He still has green poo but his farts don’t smell, which is a win. He does seem a lot happier now, more smiles and noise but I think this is just the age thing. I used to say the first twelve weeks are hell (my experience with my first son) and this was because they start to get more of a personality, less tummy problems and more aware and smiles around this time. Have you seen him dance to Justin Bieber on my Instagram? This is a gorgeous new development for him that I am loving. He has also discovered he can move his arm and he spends a lot of time admiring his arm in the air. Wait until he realises he has two of them! Score!