What week is it? I actually have to refer to my blog to check because I couldn’t tell you to be honest. It has been one of those sleepless, exhausting, screaming-at-kid weeks, I am running on ‘reserve fuel’ mode and I am ready for a holiday.

Freddie just wont sleep at night for me! All those darn amazingly blissful cuddles I shared with him as he slept in my arms when he was only a tiny bubba are now laughing at me saying “you fool, it was all a trick and now he will sleep in your bed until he is 30”. Ok, well, not 30, but definitely five or six!

Each night, I try and get him to sleep in his cot and hope for the best, well, hope for a stint to at least his dream feed so I can do some work or clean up or oh, I dunno, sit on the couch and just sit (Oh! to sit alone!) and usually he just can’t stay in his cot. I have held him most nights until the dream feed and then I put him in his basinet next to my bed when I go to sleep. I am hoping this basinet magically grows in length over night because he is about to touch on both ends and then there will be nothing left to do but put him in his cot… or my bed.

My bed, the other place he will actually sleep in and last night, I was so desperate for sleep, I put him in my bed with me at 8pm, set my alarm for the dream feed and we just slept together soundly all snuggled up (but not too snuggly) next to each other in my bed. I am thinking we will need to upgrade my bed size before his 30th birthday…

We did fluke a night with Freddie sleeping a couple of good blocks in his cot. I don’t know if it was because he had a little bit of rice in his dinner, the oil heater in his room, the new sleeping bag, the tightness of his blanket or the way I commando crawled out of his room without my knees clicking or bumping into a toy on my way out, but it worked. Safe to say, it was actually in-fact a fluke and every day after, I would analyse all those mentioned things as to why, that one day he slept but the next, he didn’t.

In other news, Freddie has two teeth! Bad mum for not realising we got a two for one offer and just thought he was irritable because he was constipated.

Poor darling has a rash on his chin from his drooling non stop. I will put my trusty Paw Paw cream on this to help heal it.

The big boys are fighting non stop and it is Aston who is picking on Will. I have been yelling and breaking up fights all week long, before school, after school and on the weekends. I found it unusual for Aston to behave so badly and I have been quite hard on him. When he hurts his little brother, Will, and after telling him off, I feel so bad. I don’t really know what to do with these two, they are so different, Will loves Aston so much and when Aston hurts him, I tell Aston off and then Will yells at me for telling Aston off because  “he’s my brother and I love him”. If Will hurts Aston, Aston punches him back tenfold, tells me that Will hurt him first and tells me to take away Wills toys.

As it turns out, I noticed Astons glands were swollen on the sides of his neck. He did say his neck was sore, he has a runny nose and a little cough, as well as a temp on the weekend. We took him to the doctor today and he potentially has glandular fever. He had a blood test and we are waiting results of this. Now, this explains why he has been so angry all the time, he gets like this when he is unwell. Aston will miss a week of school for bed rest and Josh and I will take turns being home this week to care for him. My poor little boy, I just want to hold him and take his sickness away from him.

Now, back to Freddie, I forgot to mention, took him to the paediatrician this week. I was concerned about his congestion (spoke about this last week) that he has had for months on end and I thought maybe it was a milk intolerance. The paediatrician told me that she doesn’t believe that it is the formula and that it is just something that is sticking around with him as he is small, he has big brothers in kinder and school and we have to wait for his nose etc to develop further. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, I wanted to hear “yep, its this, take this to fix it”.

Anyways, I am just going to leave it at that for tonight, I have Freddie in my arms now as I am typing, Will next to me asleep in my bed and I really want to finish off my ‘pink clothing edit’ for the fashion lovers who follow me. I have cancelled everything I had planned this week apart from one big job, so I can look after Aston at home so maybe I can get a few more blog posts done this week!

FYI I wont really be sharing Aston being sick on my instagram as I am doing on here. I find that instagram is so open that people who don’t follow me and know me could make horrible comments and I am just not into that.

Freddies routine- sorry its really non existent but here is kind of what we are doing.

7am- bottle (I try and keep it at 7am as it works well for out morning routine to get the other kids off to school and kinder on time as well as feeding the solids)

8amish- solids- rice cereal or porridge for babies

school drop off


11am- bottle

12pm solids


3pm bottle


5:15pm solids


6:30pm bottle

7pm bed

10/10:30 dreamfeed

hell breaks loose.