What a great week, Freddie slept all night every night, I was on top of everything I needed to get done and I had some time to exercise… said no one ever.

The week started off rough, Freddie had his 6month immunisations and look, I dont know if it was because of them or just normal day to day stuff with him, but he was very unsettled throughout the days. This is unusual for him because he is a very happy baby and happily sleeps in the day time, our only trouble with him is his constant waking at night time.

Freddie is fully rolling now, something that Aston never did properly which apparently was the reason for his delay in startle reflex or other skills, dont quote me on this, but I think babies have to reach each milestone and complete it before jumping to the next milestone. For example, if they dont roll before crawling, they have to be taught to roll. Again, ask your health nurse if you have concerns, I am just babbling on.

So where was I? Oh, yes, so Freddie is rolling properly and when I put him on his play mat, I can find him ten minutes later somewhere else on the floor, which means its time to be vigilant on what toys the big boys bring down to where Freddie plays and make sure the area is safe. My biggest fear is choking and the second is driveways and reversing cars. I still have my rule of no big boy toys down stairs and if they do bring them down, they must put them back or “The cleaners will vacuum them up!”. Or daddy will throw them away, which I have recently had to save a massive garbage bag of lego from the stinky bin. Josh was so fed up with the mess, instead of him actually putting it away in the tub, he thought he would throw it away. You see, men dont think, they react and what he didn’t think of was poor little Aston looking for his Lego. He also didn’t think about the cost of that bag of Lego and how much it would cost for us to buy more! I pretended not to see him do it and when he left for work, I went out, opened that stinky nappy ridden bin and tipped the lego into a big tub back in the play room.

The thing about my role in my house is, I always need to be one step ahead of the children and of Josh! My brain doesn’t turn off, hence me writing Freddies weekly diary on a Wednesday and not three days ago as planned. I was told that having a lot on my plate is the reason for my health anxiety. I know this is true, right now I think I am dying from something and have a doctors appointment in forty minutes so I can ‘move on’.

Back to Freddie, because he is rolling, he is now rolling on his tummy in his cot which also is contributing to him not settling. I do think that maybe this is why he is unsettled and perhaps not because of the needles? I will put him down on his back and then he will roll onto his tummy and not realise that he could actually sleep on his tummy. I am endlessly going into his room, day and night to either, relax him to sleep on his tummy, put him on his side so then he has the option to roll or not or put him on his back and hope he just sinks into his mattress and dozes off. I am also hanging for the day he can grab his dummy and put it in his mouth also, because if he isn’t complaining about rolling onto his tummy, it is more often than not because he wants his dummy back in. At around 4am every morning, he is in our bed, an improvement from a few weeks ago when it was around 1am, but still, I am up and down from room to room until I give up- 4am.

Look, apart from the fact he is up all night, he is doing wonderfully. I need to cull all the 00 out of his wardrobe and buy more 0 and even size 1 (what?) and he is definitely outgrown his bassinet.

I started him on chicken and beef and I am too scared to try any finger food (Again- the choking thing for me) so I might book into my health nurse to get advice on foods he can hold at this age.

My nanny is wonderful, she has really given me more time to do some work, do things with Aston’s school, attend meetings etc. She comes two days a week and those days she cooks our dinner and stays on late so I can take the big boys to swimming lessons and leave Freddie at home. I am also letting go a little of Freddie on those days as in the first few weeks, I looked after Freddie and tried to work and she looked after Will, but seriously, I got nothing done. I am yet to just get into a really good work rhythm on those days so I dont find myself working at night and catching up on week old emails. I almost need to hire a space to work from so I leave the house!

I think thats about it, the rolling was a milestone this week and he was a little sooky a few days, oh wait, Mother’s Day! I had a lovely week leading up to Mother’s Day, I was spoilt by Aston from his school stall he bought me a necklace (I lost my dove necklace I have worn every day for 12 years!!) and wrote me a little book. Will made me a bracelet and I went to his kinder for a special afternoon tea and concert in which the children sang some songs to the mothers. My favourite part was between songs as the teacher was changing the tape, it was silent and a child yelled out “I can smell fart!” Gold!

Josh worked on Mother’s Day and basically after receiving my pjs and cuddles and coffee in bed, it was back to the motherhood grind and the big boys fought and fought, it was just another day really, except, I looked super chic in my new pjs going to bed that night… for the male of the house that sleeps in my bed… Freddie.

Freddies Routine

5:30-7am (somewhere between there, whenever a tiny bit of light comes in the room or Will comes in our bed and makes noise) bottle

8am rice cereal and fruit

9am (or earlier if I am driving Aston to school or walking Will to kinder) sleep

11am  bottle

12am solids- veg/fruit sometimes chicken (if I forget to defrost something I made him then I will feed a Bubs Organic pouch I have handy)

1pm sleep

2:30 wake him to take him to school or kinder pick up

3:15/30 bottle

4:30pm nap

5:00 feed Freddie dinner



7pm-7:15pm bed

10:32 dreamfeed

any time after- usually 2-5am he will wake, I will put his dummy in and I will go back in and out several times until I am too zonked. I will just bring him into my room in bed with me.