Rosy cheeks and everything!

Oh, the week that was, full of drool, red cheeks, more drool and more red cheeks. This child is in teething central and we know what that equation equals… noooo sleeeeeeep. Look, lets be honest here, I am just used to it now, the up and down at night and then giving up and putting him in bed with me. You want to know my routine? Well, thats it! I highly don’t recommend it and actually, while we are at it, I don’t recommend cuddling your gorgeous little baby to sleep for the first four months, even though it is the most special time in the absolute world, donnnnnttttt dooooo itttttttttt! Even though it gives you the feeling of a love that you have never felt in your life, donnnntttt doooo ittttttt! Even it if gets them to sleep faster, donnnnttt doooo ittttt! Nawwwww I miss it!

This week has been very similar to last week in terms of development, lots of rolling and finding him off his mat and pushed himself backwards two metres. Lots of cot rolling and not to sure what he should do when he rolls onto his tummy. This is annoying him so much that some day sleeps, he will only sleep in his Bugaboo! Lots of dummy spits and me putting it back in. I have tried Bonjella but I am not sure sure it is working for him, panadol I feel isn’t really working either so tonight, I am trying Nurafen for the first time with him.

I really need to book in a health nurse appointment because I think I should be feeding him more variety of food and some finger food now. I always feel confident walking out of the health nurse after being reassured what I can feed my baby and at what age.

I do apologies if I sound a little short and to the point tonight, the last four hours have been hell with the older two children. The usual fights, but Aston threw hot chocolate powder (the DIY hot chocolate tins) across my lounge room and onto my Hali rug, just because I said he couldn’t have any because he did something wrong to William. Did you know that you could book a steam cleaner to come the next day? Well now you know. Did you also know that it isn’t a great idea to buy a tin of hot chocolate, get into a fight with a six year old, all in the week leading up to the Baptism you will be hosting at your house on the weekend?

Me? Well, apart from still not quite, but so close, to getting a work day back and some time to exercise, I have been feeling down about my… ok hear me out before you roll your eyes… weight. I often tell myself, practice what you preach girl, as I wrote a blog post a few months ago about post baby weight (Read here) in which I talk about not worrying about losing the baby weight. But! Sometimes, even I get hooked up on not fitting into most of my wardrobe and yes I know, I look pretty good for someone who has a six month old, let alone three children, I know, I know, but I just want to feel like me again. Is this the new me? Do I need to accept that this is actually my new body and to just roll with it? Speaking of rolls, I got plenty (and that caesarean one! you know it if you have had one!).

Aston enjoyed a good five minutes pushing his hand into my tummy and wobbling it in amusement the other night. I found it quite funny for a little while too, ha ha ha NO! but when you are left looking at it and it isn’t that funny anymore, you start to think (tick tick) and you get hooked up on it. Third baby, I think this is just going to take some time, a long slow process of finding time to exercise and allowing time for it to happen when it will happen (quickly deletes anyone that shows a bikini on instagram).

Apart from that cry for attention just now, (jokes) I have had a pretty good week with getting stuff done. I have Freddie’s baptism this coming Sunday and we will be hosting the lunch at our house afterwards. This decision was purely made because of one person, William. We need to contain him and the best way for me to enjoy myself is for us to have it at home. Sadly, this involves co-ordinating a party, a marquee, food, drink, kids to be entertained etc etc. Call me crazy, but I am doing it myself and I am hoping it all comes together in the end. It is an Italian theme, well, the food is because you know I am half Italian right? Freddie is wearing a baptism outfit that his cousin wore a couple of months ago, because Aston and Will’s one is too tight for him. I also bought him a little Ralph Lauren cardigan, leggings, a white bodysuit and some more pom pom booties to wear to the party afterwards.

This week I am looking forward to finally booking in a sleep consultant, getting the Baptism over and done with and finding the best Spanx on the market.

Routine? Don’t ask!