Just a little light hearted post for the new mums, future mums and the pro mama’s. Let me know your comments on what new mums might not know about motherhood in comments below (or on my IG).

You will worry about them forever

You boobs will deflate but… after a few years will get back to normal somewhat.

You become a Natural liar (such as, yes, it’s chicken, no I didn’t hide broccoli in there, the park is closed today)

The songs that you sing all day are usually children’s television shows

You will get baby brain beyond pregnancy

You will lose yourself and always long to get the old you back

You will wonder who you were before kids

You will let yourself go- or at least a little if not completely (you might have had your nails done everyweek before kids, now you will be lucky to have clean finger nails. I stopped getting my hair blow waved, I wash my hair once a week and sometimes, I don’t shower!)

Your priorities change- if it doesn’t fit in with the kid’s routine then you don’t go. If you can’t get a babysitter, then you miss out.

You eat dinner at 5pm and usually it is the scraps left on the children’s plates

You might lose some friends- you might be in a different stage in your life to your best friend and find that the next time you see each other is in every six months or so.

You make a bunch of new friends, from your gym classes, mothers groups, kinder classes and new schools.

The pressure of becoming a school mum is next level, you cant forget a thing, you must teach and encourage at home, oh and make the lunches, breakfast, get the kid dressed and yourself and be out the door first thing in the morning.

You will ‘make do’ with how you look, the grubby hand stains on your jeans, the paint under your finger nails or the lack of make-up you have been wearing.

Putting on heels is a novelty.

Your relationship will change with your partner in the beginning as you will only be focused on keeping the baby alive and you will learn that quality time with your partner is something you need to work on.

You will be impressed with your husband/partner at how independent they can be when they must and when they see you go through child birth.

All your expectations of motherhood will be different to how it is, you might think you won’t cope, but you do, you might think you will cope, but you won’t.

You might wet your pants every now and then, childbirth is a bitch

Life goes faster when you are a parent

The first three months of your child’s life feels like it drags at the time but in fact, you will get to six months and think “WOW where did that time go? I have a six-month-old!”.

Children’s clothes are expensive and so are toys and Christmas and parties and gifts for every class mate’s bday parties.

You may not have natural mother instincts, you might need to refer to a book, or you may be so in tune and instinctive!

Babies can projectile spew and poo and you will be wiping those bottoms for the next (possibly) 6 years!

And when you are finally alone with your partner, away on a trip or the grandparents have your children for the weekend, it is so silent and so boring, you will remember a funny moment you had the day before with your children and you will miss them and can’t wait to get them back.