Gee, this is a great age. I recall saying this when the other boys were this age, it is a fun time for us and for the toddler. I love seeing him try new things like kicking a ball or chase bubbles. I love hearing him try and saw new words like balloon or duck (but still won’t say ‘dad’). I love his cuddles and the way he actually means to cuddle me, he knows the feeling of a good cuddle and a kiss on the lips.

I think as time goes on, it is the communication that makes things a heck of a lot easier for a parent and we start to understand our children more and they feel better knowing we know what they want. I do have one issue with this age though… the separation anxiety.

Did I tell you that I have been at the physio, Chiro and doctor on a weekly basis to sort out some lower back and referring pain to the legs issues due to carrying Freddie? Well, now you know. I have actually had to stop my pilates until I sort this out, which is so annoying for me because I finally found my ‘thing’ that I love to do.

It is so bad with Freddie, that if anyone knocks on my door and comes inside, he thinks I am going to leave him and he screams and runs towards me begging to be lifted up. I can’t get much done at all throughout my day without Freddie seeing me or being on me and by the time Josh comes home from work, he must think I have just slothed around the home all in the mess that we live in because it looks the same as it did when he left. If only he could watch us during the day and see exactly what it takes to have a child all day long (or three for that matter) and try and clean, cook, wash, work etc etc. I am just fishing for some kind of award here if you haven’t noticed? Am I right? I kind of think that one little “Gosh, I admire what you do for us all” or a “You are supermum hunny” would potentially tempt me to send one of the children out from my bed at night and invite Josh back in from his couch-bed, if you know what I mean?

Meanwhile, I have been meaning to do my blog post of my ‘Mum and Bub Getaway’ to Noosa, so stay tuned for that. I won’t touch on that now so you can hear all about it when that post goes up but jumping on the tail of that… as soon as we got home, Freddie got sick. Thank goodness he wasn’t unwell in Noosa or I would have screamed!

The thing about Freddie getting sick (a tummy bug- his farts were horrendous) is that he is up all night and if I cant settle him back to sleep, I just bring him in bed with me. When your baby is unwell, it is important to comfort them and do what you have to do to make them comfortable to fall back asleep and you just have to do what it takes. Yes, even if your child is sleep trained or can sleep all night usually (like Freddie) when they are sick- they are sick. I just wanted to make this point right here and now because apparently my sleep consultant was being asked questions about why Freddie isn’t sleeping- when I used her methods. Ummmm because he is unwell and because he isn’t a robot.

Luckily, I know that it takes around 7-10 days for him to get back to his all night sleeping and although it is hell and sleepless nights of being up all night until we get back to the all nighter- I do know it is going to happen. I am currently day 7 and I can see he is almost back to normal sleeping.

Freddie is a great walker, he is pretty much running. He is very happy and is quite a cruisy toddler apart from the fact he is selective with who minds him. One time my mother in law came over to babysit, but he actually doesn’t like her very much for some strange reason, so she put him on the couch with the Wiggles on, some biscuits and some water and went and hid at the end of the dining table, watching him from afar. She called for back up (my father in law) to come and rescue her because Freddie loves his Pa. A funny story but a true one, he also hasn’t warmed to my mum yet either.

Freddies routine:

Wake (if its is 5am I will try and re-settle him or lay on his floor and hold his hand until he sleeps again- or if he wont sleep then I will turn his lights on and give him toys in his cot)

Nappy change

Breakfast (weet bix or scrambled eggs)



Nap (11:30am if he wakes around 6:30/7am in the morning otherwise earlier if it is 5am)

Lunch/snack 2:15pm

Dinner (5pm)


Bed 7:30ish

Any questions you have just comment on my IG feed or DM me! xxx