Well, the day has finally come for me to announce my third pregnancy! BABY NUMBER 3 IS COMING!

If you have been following my blog for a long time, you would know that I wasn’t ‘done’ with two kids. Some mums say “I have shut up shop”  or “No, way, no more kids for me” and I was always saying “I am not done, I want to be pregnant one last time.” So, here we are. Today I am thirteen weeks pregnant and mannnn, it has been a long thirteen weeks let me tell you! I found out immediately that I was pregnant, I have been horrifically sick and to be honest, a little nervous.

I started testing the pregnancy tests from before my period was due and despite my obvious symptoms, the test results came back negative every time. Finally, the day my period was due, a faint second line appeared and from that moment I was officially pregnant. I couldn’t believe that those pregnancy tests boast a correct test result before your period due date. I knew I pregnant before the test told me so, with my constant dry mouth, sore boobs, alerted sense of smell and slight ovulation pain that lasted for over a week, but then I had a couple days of doubting my instincts because of the ‘pregnancy tests don’t lie, theory.’ The truth is, they do and they don’t lie, but they definitely don’t lie when a second line appears, you can’t false that stuff!

So let’s talk about how I have been feeling. It is a hormonal combination of feeling sad, bitchy, excited, guilty, angry, worried, tired and sick as a dog. I started to get sick at week 6, up until then, I thought I was going to get lucky and not be sick, as I was with my other pregnancies that lasted from week 5 to 23! (please God no!!!) But, just as I started to brag about how good I was feeling, boom! It hit! (waaaaaa!) Being sick 24/7 and having two children to care for (feed, take to school, wipe bottoms and basally keep alive), working, keeping up appearances (with pockets full of ginger chews) and everything else life brings, makes for a hell of a crazy past few months for me.Heck! even scrolling on Instagram makes me nauseous!  Not to mention the worry you get in the first trimester of pregnancy, keeping the baby safe and praying for a perfectly healthy baby, all this and throwing up all day and not being able to eat food has resulted in a big decision for me. OK, maybe don’t quote me on this as I might change my mind but… I am done at three children!

This last little addition to our family is due in November a beautiful time of the year, a time when I would usually be galavanting around the Birdcage at the Spring Racing Carnival, in a sexy little outfit and killer heels. A time I am sure my husband will enjoy this year as I am sitting in a pink dressing gown with swollen ankles and sleepless nights having the biggest FOMO… and that is before the baby arrives.

Ohhh you know what I am excited for? the pregnancy fashion!!! I love dressing the bump (hashtag) I find it a fun challenge to make pregnancy style look chic and as close to my personal style as possible. I was so lucky when Karen Millen wanted to collaborate with me again and when I chose this gorgeous blue striped (not maternity but totally could be) dress (HERE), I knew I had to feature it in my announcement post. I love tight stretchy dresses on bumps and finding them at non-maternity designers excites me. I have been a big fan of Karen Millen for a long time and I have added some more stretchy dresses and skirts that you could wear pregnant, below at the end of the blog post. Yay! I have already started my bump ‘personal styling’ on the blog! I am going to loooove the next several months!

As for the sex of the baby you ask? Will we find out? Well, this is something we are still deciding. It is so strange to know that my obstetrician knows what I am having and I don’t, I kind of want to know but then I kind of don’t. We had a surprise with Aston, our first, and then we found out with Will, our second. I might put it out on instagram and ask other mothers if they found out with their third and their thoughts on that. Ohhhh to be able to finally discuss all this on social media excites me! I love hearing other people’s stories and experiences, perhaps the people can help me decide (and maybe a discussion with my husband? nah!). I have all of Will’s baby clothes sitting in boxes in the nursery that I kind of would like to know what to do with. Do I wash and put them in drawers? or do I give them away? This brings me to the next topic…

You are probably wishing for a girl right?” she asks me. Well, you know what? Yes, I would love a girl, that would be very special, but, I would love a third boy too, I only know boys and I am good at being a mum of boys. You see, when you are pregnant and you anxiously await test results to see if your baby is healthy or not, the gender isn’t considered in this thought process. I wish for a beautiful healthy baby to add to my family and whether it is a girl or boy, it will be our last and will be so loved, I wouldn’t want it any other way than what God gives us.

So there you have it! I am having my third child and I can’t wait for those first few moments when I become a mum again. Josh is so happy and so is Aston… Will… well, he doesn’t quite get it. I have filmed some journals of me talking about my first trimester of hell and about the funny moment I found out I was pregnant, through to explaining how sick I am, which I will upload to youtube and share on the blog soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy this journey with me xox