Sometimes I wonder to myself something, do mums of daughters spend as much time screaming, breaking up fights and endlessly finding activities for their kids to do as much as mums of boys?

This is the life I am used to now and for those wondering how I haven’t put on a lot of weight with this pregnancy, well, it is thanks to my two little boys that I don’t get to sit and just rest. Do young sibling daughters always get along? Well, my boys are complete opposites and do get along, for, umm I dunno about 15 minutes per day. So, it brings me to contemplate life with this baby if it was a girl or a boy and how it would fit into this current mayhem.

BOY- I can see Will taking on his middle child role (aka middle child syndrome) more prominent if this baby is a boy. I think he will feel the fact he isn’t the baby in the family anymore, moreso having a little brother than a sister. A brother could be seen as competition for Will, and I might find him more difficult than a teething baby. Aston will really love being at a helper age with the baby if it is a girl or a boy, so I can’t see any problems with him. As the ‘boy’ gets older, I would imagine Will would appreciate a play mate while his older brother is at school and this is when I hope, dear Lord, I hope that the relationship between this potential little boy baby and Will will grow and hopefully not be as mayhem as it has been with my first born and second born dynamics. Boys will be boys and will wrestle all the way up to high school but I am sure be the best of mates in their twenties.

GIRL- Oh a sweet little girl for my big boys to dote over. I can see Will perhaps still being jealous if it is a girl also but I don’t believe they would fight like the boys do as they get older. Aston would love a sister and be very protective as she grows up. Would a girl make Aston and Will closer or would Aston form a special bond with a little sister, leaving Will to get destructive? Would having. a girl and bringing in some girlie things restore peace in my home? We will see.

What I do know, is that despite the screaming and breaking up of fights, these boys melt my heart over and over again, several times a day and especially at night time with our cuddles. I truly believe that there is a reason some mums are boy mums and others aren’t, I believe as mums, what we are blessed with is what we can handle, our tolerance and patience levels and you know what? I have this boy mum business down pat, I just lose my voice some days!

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