I wanted to share with you a typical Christmas day with my family. It truly is my favourite time of the year, as it is for most people I think. It isn’t because it is summer, because I don’t love summer that much (I am a winter baby) and it isn’t much of a relaxing time for me because the kids are on holidays and my husband works every day and comes home late. It is my favourite time because it is a happy time, everyone in happy, everyone is excited and everyone focuses on giving to others. For us, it is a time to come together, dress up and be amongst our extended family and be grateful for each other, a time of reflection.

As you would know, I am originally from the Western Suburbs, Hoppers Crossing and me being me and loving supporting the town I grew up in, I have been working with Pacific Werribee, a place that kick started my career in fashion many, many years ago. I headed into the centre to pick out some Christmas day outfit options for myself and the boys and as you can see in the photos above, we found some great pieces from Sheike for me and a mix of brands for the boys such as Bardot Jnr, Seed and Cotton On. We love to dress up a little for Christmas day in my family, Christmas lunch always being a chance to wear a new outfit.

I find something really special about making an effort to celebrate with family, everyone looks great, we put love into the food and we take an annual family photo each year. There seems to be more family members added each year with the baby cousins that pop up (I think Freddie is the last baby for a long time).

After a morning filled with excitement and smiles in my home with my boys, we get ready and head to my in-laws house for either breakfast or lunch (depending on the year as we alternate with my family) and open more presents up at their house. We make sure we spend good time with the first family before heading to the next.

We head to my grandparents’ house in Hoppers Crossing and have a big Maltese feast with the extended family, which includes lots and lots of little cousins running around. My Nannu (grandfather) dresses up in his Santa suit and puts all the presents for the kids on a horse cart that he made (he is a carpenter) and pulls it along to where the kids wait patiently on hay stacks to receive their presents.

Oh, I can’t wait! I actually bought a few dresses and play suits from Sheike that are great options for my Christmas day outfit and also NYE outfit! The boys, I went a little crazy on because brands such as Bardot Jnr and Seed have so many gorgeous boy’s pieces that are a little bit dressy but fun and practical for them to play in.

Good Luck on your search for the perfect Christmas Day outfits for you and your family!

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