So two of my friends who gave birth last week have inspired me for my Midwife Cath series on the blog. I sat down with this fabulous lady and asked her to give new mums advice on the first night in hospital with your newborn. I can tell you first hand that having Cath’s advice when I had my second son Will, gave me the best start to having a new baby, if only I had her when I had my first son Aston, two and a half years earlier, all I can remember was not knowing what to do, feeling overwhelmed, being scared of the ‘night witches’ and felt alone when I should have just let go a little and enjoyed the moment a lot more.

10 tips for new mums on your first night with your new baby in hospital…. 

1.     Breast feed as early after birth as you can. If he is awake at any time, feed him.

2.     Keep your baby close to you and keep him wrapped and warm.

3.     If you have a c section, you will need help with the baby so it ideal if your partner can stay and pass the baby to you.

4.     Smell the baby…the smell of the newborn is unique.

5.     Keep ahead of your pain relief.

6.     Keep visitors to your immediate family.

7.     Don’t worry if you don’t sleep too much…you are on an incredible high from the birth

8.     Hold your baby. It really is ok to hold this little person who you have been waiting to meet for such a long time.

9.     Look at him…check out all his fingers and toes.

10.  Take plenty of photos…the first night is so special.

Don’t forget, you can pick up Midwife Cath’s new book ‘THE FIRST SIX WEEKSHERE and all good book stores!