9months 1 week

Do you like the new title? It makes so much sense doesn't it, ahhh and I feel better writing it, plus I am sick of counting by fours to work out the week-month conversions. Last week, Freddie went back to waking every couple of hours and I would be in [...]

2018-08-20T21:12:43+10:00August 20, 2018|

week 39

Nine months and one week, this week was all over the shop. We have had on-off sleep at night time, mostly to blame for a snotty nose earlier last week and if you have had a snotty baby before, you know that week is absolute hell. It isn't as bad [...]

2018-08-13T21:08:43+10:00August 13, 2018|

week 38

I still don't love this idea of saying week 38, 108, 208 so maybe I will start next week by nine months two weeks or something like that. Did you just hear that? I'll say it again, nine months! Did I really have a baby nine months ago? C'mon! That [...]

2018-08-07T21:21:54+10:00August 7, 2018|

Week something or other (37)

What week is it? And can I keep calling it week by week now? Or is thirty…. (checks diary) seven weeks just sounds silly, maybe I should start saying eight months three weeks? So, since we last left off before I went overseas, Freddie finally slept through the night! Hooray! [...]

2018-07-30T15:20:58+10:00July 30, 2018|

week 33

In between the mayhem of almost leaving for Euro, I thought I should squeeze in Freddies latest weekly update because I don't think I will be doing it when I am away- sorry! Freddie's mile stones: He can sit up alone! Sometimes he is on his tummy then he does [...]

2019-03-19T12:18:37+10:00July 2, 2018|

week 32

The getting better or just damn used to it week.   You want to know what annoys me most about teething? The fact that you actually might not see the teeth for weeks, but the 'teething' stuff continues to cause hell regardless. Now I am starting to wonder when this [...]

2018-06-24T21:40:15+10:00June 24, 2018|

Weeks 30 and 31

Double weeks, sorry, I didn’t plan for it to be this way, but last week AND this week were huge weeks for me. I can tell you that not much has really changed, so I will recap in dot point form and promise to be more extensive next Sunday.   [...]

2018-06-18T21:40:08+10:00June 18, 2018|

Week 29

He slept through! You knew this already because it happened last week and I shared it on my socials. He slept an entire night, right after he ate pasta for the first time for dinner and the night I decided to stop the dreamfeed. Just quickly, if you dont know [...]

2018-06-05T12:28:03+10:00June 5, 2018|
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