Double weeks, sorry, I didn’t plan for it to be this way, but last week AND this week were huge weeks for me.

I can tell you that not much has really changed, so I will recap in dot point form and promise to be more extensive next Sunday.


  • Freddie is drooling like crazy, his bed is always so wet from drool that I have to keep moving him around in it. Ok, I will be honest, I pretty much just give up when he squawks and I bring him into bed with me.
  • I build a little fortress around him when he is in my bed incase he rolls off.
  • During the day time during the past two weeks, Freddie refuses to sleep in the day in his cot. The most effective way to get him to day sleep is in his Bugaboo. I would walk him up and down my hall way, in the back yard or just leave him in it next to me and he will sleep.
  • I don’t really know what to do with his milk feeds. He still has 5 bottles and I am sure this is too much. He isn’t finishing any of these bottles so this is a sign to drop one so he has more of the other ones but I don’t know which one to drop- the 3pm?
  • I dropped the 10:30pm dreamfeed as I found that I was waking him and that just defeats the purpose of it being called a ‘dream’ feed. So I feed him a bottle whenever he wakes which might be 9:30pm or 11pm or 1am or 3am! Not all of them but his first wake during the night, that’s when I feed him. Mind you, it doesn’t always get him back to sleep.
  • Also, just because he is in my bed, doesn’t mean he sleeps! He is the lightest sleeper I know and if he wakes slightly and sees a scrap of light, he is up and blowing raspberries and pushing himself up. I just ignor him and after an HOUR he goes back to sleep. Drainer.
  • A few sleep consultants have offered to consult me, help him sleep in return for feature, which is absolutely amazing, but I don’t think it is a good idea to do this before we go away overseas. I also want the time to really make the right decision who I use, just because it is free doesn’t mean I have to do it. I need some time to make the right decision who I think will suit us best.
  • Freddie tried egg and is yet to try peanut butter. I just scrambled his eggs and he didn’t love it much but he isn’t allergic.
  • So far he has had chicken, beef, most veg (I should do pea soon) not much fruit other than apple and pear (I am boring) and porridge for breakfast.
  • Freddie is so happy awake (As I say each week) but still just a pain in the butt crying non stop in his cot.
  • I intend to get him out of his capsule next week, we are getting the Millenia by Britax.
  • Josh had the kids while I went to Sydney. It wasn’t as bad leaving Freddie as I thought it would be, I was more worried about Josh. He isn’t that, well, great with the three kids at once. I tried hard to plan everything to the t with school and kinder pick ups, dinners, school lunches etc for when I was away (one night!) and all he had to do was to be with them over night. Well, as you can guess, Freddie didn’t sleep for him and was up all night. Josh wouldn’t really know what this was like from his bed on the couch for the last seven months.
  • Freddie isn’t quite sitting up yet.
  • We featured in a Baby Bunting video series, so be sure to check it out on their FB and Instagram. We had a great day filming with them, such a wonderful brand and they stock everything that I have loved through motherhood- hello my Bugaboo!
  • And lastly, there better be a tooth cut through when I am writing my blog post this time next week, because we need somewhat of a break during the night time.


Freddies Routine-


Similar to past weeks (though on Sunday next week, I will tell you what I have changed starting this week)