The getting better or just damn used to it week.


You want to know what annoys me most about teething? The fact that you actually might not see the teeth for weeks, but the ‘teething’ stuff continues to cause hell regardless. Now I am starting to wonder when this bleeping tooth will cut through and I am also wondering if he is even teething or is he just allergic to his bed?

The teething signs are there, at night mostly with the drool and crying but during the day time, this isn’t the case. He is so happy and quite and chilled out in the day, well, when he isn’t due for a sleep I mean, but as soon as I put him in his cot, he screams like its lava or something. Does he only feel tooth pain in his room? Is he actually playing me just so he can come into my bed?

We had one great night last week where he slept in his cot all the way through to the morning and you know what I said that day? I said “I bet he sleeps through tonight” because from my past experience with the other boys, I knew the signs were there that day. Freddie ate a good serving of beef that day, he had small but decent sleeps that day in the pram, but he was facing forward and he got to enjoy the fresh air. I have always said, fresh air helps them sleep and it did. I also put ten dummies in his cot so he can easily find them and put one in his mouth himself, now that he has mastered that skill. The rest of the week wasn’t as successful but I dont mind. I always give him four opportunities through the night and a bottle until I give up, usually around 2-4am. Then I put him in bed with me.

Freddie had his second flu shot- a booster this week and was perfectly fine.

He tried salmon this week and hated it, I had to mush it with pear but he could still taste it. I have had zillions of requests for recipes that I feed Freddie so I will do my best to get this up this week for you.

Freddie can do two new party tricks- the first, he can hi-5! The second, he can get up on all fours (hands and knees) and he is ready to crawl very soon. Time to start baby proofing! Oh! Wait! He can also sit up!

I have been packing our suitcase for our trip to Europe which has been hectic trying to pack for three kids especially Freddie. I have to really think of every situation and make sure I am prepared with things in my handbag, carry on and suit case. What I am struggling with is thinking about what he will eat apart from food pouches. I will take food pouches with me but when we are at a cafe, hotel or restaurant, can any of you suggest things he can eat that is ‘lumpy but mushy?’ Leave me a comment on my IG if you can.

Apart from all the above, it was a lovely week and such a joy he is in my life.

Freddies Routine

This has changed up a little bit, I now give him solids first and then milk to sleep and we don’t go by exact times anymore.

Wake time- solids breakfast (porridge and pear)

Two hours later- milk (bottle)

Wake- lunch (savoury and then fruit)

When he is tired- milk (bottle)

Wake- play until dinner

5pm-ish dinner (savoury and then fruit)

6pm bath


bed around 7pm

When he wakes I will try settling him back to sleep or offer him a bottle (just one over the night)