What they didn’t tell you about child birth

As I mentioned in my post the other week (HERE: what they didn't tell you about pregnancy) I thought I would continue this series with: 'What they didn't tell you about birth.' I might keep this one brief as I am definitely not an expert on every single unique child birth that [...]

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A personal message you need to hear

You might remember that I started a 'mummy' blog a few years ago with my aunty Helen, called THE MUMMY CONFIDENTIALS. We wrote about our different experiences as mothers but due to my WWKD work load and life itself from both sides, we closed it down and now Helen keeps [...]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Story

In 2011, the most amazing moment in my life happened, I became a mother for the first time. As much as it was a special time for me, it was also a hard time; the first two months of motherhood were tough. I had a non-stop crying baby, he hated being [...]

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25 things you didn’t know about me

Hi everyone, wait, hang on, the tennis is so distracting (Go Hewitt!) I need to turn it (Yessss!!)  off. There. So I was sitting here with stacks of paper around me, notes from meetings, a forecast of my month ahead, texting a pregnant friend who asked me the usual "So [...]

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Dempsey’s do NYC

I'm home. That's all we will mention about it, I am home and my holiday is over. Ok, no, let me go on a little bit more about it. I loved New York, I loved the shopping, I loved the people, the culture, the safety of walking around at night [...]

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Giaan by Spalding

Shop my Giaan by Spalding look: Long Sleeve Top | Tank | Leggings | Tshirt | Sneakers So let's all just be real for a sec. We all do it, it's all part of being a woman, a busy woman, mother or not, weekend or week day, its in our DNA. What [...]

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Vacay in Noosa

Talulah shorts from the latest collection My second favourite place in the world (to Paris and excluding home) is Noosa. We absolutely love Noosa and take an annual trip there each year with the kids and extended family. I had such a much needed relaxing time away this time as [...]

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Target baby range

So, there I was, washing all of Aston's baby clothing late last year when I found out that I was having another boy. I washed the clothing in sensitive fabric softener, put them up to dry, folded them and put them away in the nursery drawers neatly categorised by item [...]

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