Not so much going on week.

Well, there isn’t much to tell, which is actually good news because it means that nothing extremely terrible happened. Everything is pretty much the same as last week apart from last Tuesday, when I was home all day and Freddie self-settled in his bassinette for all three sleeps and slept from the time I put him down until the next feed time! Actually, now that I think about it, it was because he had his immunisations that day… it makes the bubs sleepy. This was the only day this happened, the rest was a lot of rocking and patting.

I am used to seeing babies get their needles now. I think it was extremely hard for me with my first son and then kind of hard for my second and now, I know it is just protocol and that, yes, he will cry, but it won’t last long. Will is due for his 4yo needle this week, I am actually dreading this one, because he is a walking talking big kid who shows his feelings and he knows very well what goes on.

Speaking of Will, let me chat about him for a moment, because Freddie is pretty boring this week. Will, is at an age where I love him even more. Yes, he can be difficult at times and I am basically trying to keep him alive every day (runs away, puts things in his mouth, almost runs on roads) but I get so proud of him now. He is a very clever boy and I don’t think I ever realised this until now, because before now, I was so fixated on him being cheeky. Now, he sings the alphabet, he can count to ten, he can put his own shoes on and we are teaching him to write his name. He has his own friends and he is so proud of that and that gives me butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it, he is really becoming his own person, not just the cheeky middle child. The things he comes out with are so hilarious at the moment and Josh and I find ourselves messaging each other funny sayings Will says, throughout our day to make each other laugh.

Back to Freddie, I swear he is about to get out of his 00 sizing and he just got into it not long ago! I am also going to start trying him on solids this week. I prepped some apple pure last week and I will get onto some veg ready for him to try. I wonder if this will keep him settled over night, because he still wakes between 1-6am. I did try giving him milk between these times but it made no difference to his settling.

If I could describe Freddie to you, who don’t know him, he is a relaxed and chilled out baby. He is mostly happy and hardly makes noise, he observes, he smiles and really, he only cries if he is really tired. He also cries when other people try to settle him who isn’t me or Josh.

Freddies Routine:

6am/6:30am- wake (agh its getting earlier!) and bottle

after 1.5 hours, he gets tired and he goes to sleep

10:30/11am- bottle

12ish or after 1.5 hours or so he will sleep, this is a good sleep for him.

2:30/3pm bottle

4:30pm nap until 5:30pm

6pm bath and bottle

7/7:30pm bed

10:30pm dreamfeed

between 2-6am re-settle. Although I am going to offer him a bottle at they time, tonight to see if it will get him back to 7am wakes.