I have a 28 week old… what? I am pretty sure it is time to start going by months now don’t you think? I find myself having to quickly count by fours to work out what month I am at.

It still blows my mind that I actually have a third child, a third boy, a third human, a third clone. Sometimes I look at him and think “Oh yeah, I made you and you are mine to keep!”. It is so crazy that when you are pregnant, it is still kinda all about you and ‘the baby’ in your tummy that you dont quite yet see as a real-real thing yet, and then when they come into the world, its about ‘the baby’ and as they get a little bigger and develop a personality and they change,develope and hit milestones, its about getting to know them as their own person, not just ‘the baby’ but Freddie, a little human that you are raising into the world.

Having a third child around, despite all the lack of sleep and duties you have to do for it, is just a game of survival. Your every day is about making sure child one, two and three is safe, happy, healthy, clean and fed and where they have to be at certain times. The third child, does go along for the ride, as they say but I feel like we as mothers, don’t actually stop and soak it all in and acknowledge that, that third child needs just as much time as we had for the first one. Little Freddie is an absolute joy for me and sometimes I still cant believe that he is here. I don’t really know why exactly that is, yes I am busy, but I cant believe I made another person. Sorry, I sound koo-koo here but it is the most bizarre thing, just getting on with my usual routine I have had down pat for four years since Will was born, and just slotting another baby into that mix, without stopping. It’s crazy!

Anywho, if any of that didn’t make sense to you, well, if you have a third baby, one day you will remember reading this and have an ‘ahhhhhh’ moment where you will close your eyes, smile and raise your eyebrows and pointer finger at the same time and think of me.

This week was another, much-of-a-muchness week really. Same sleeping in his pram in the day and pushing him in it up and down my hallway. Nights spent mostly sleeping in my bed and still as happy as can be during awake time. I did take him to get his flu shot on Tuesday, as well as Will, they both cried which is never fun and they have to go back again in a month or so to get the second dose! Gah!

Did I mention previously Freddie grew out of the car crying? Woo! So glad that is over, now he is just happy and golly, I wish I could tell you why or how but I dont know, he kind of just grew out of it. He is still in the car capsule so it wasn’t the seat as I had thought early on. Speaking of seat, we are changing him out of the capsule and into a seat next week.

We had Freddie baptised on Sunday, which you all would have seen. It was such a lovely day, all the hard work I did in the lead up really paid off, I couldn’t be happier. Freddie was a little champ the entire day, he was happy at the church and didn’t cry when the priest poured the water onto his head. He did get grizzly at home with all the photos and passing him around but the great thing about having a party at home means he could sleep in his own cot. I will share a blog post about the day and some stunning photos in the coming weeks.

Now to solids. I actually just had a few DM’s on my IG asking about solids and if I would write a blog post on it. Sure! I think I want to get some professional advice first from a health nurse or my midwife, Midwife Cath and put together an informative blog for you.

So thats about it, yes, Freddie slept through the night last night but as it happened ¬†technically in week 29, I have to save that for next week… sorry!

PS- it is drool city over here, I am constantly changing his sheets and clothing as he has pools of wet patches all over the shop! Plus, orange food is making his face super red and that mixed with saliva rash? hell!


Bottle when he wakes- if it is before 7am I will wait until then to feed him.

around an hour after his milk I give breakfast solids (porridge)

around 9/9:30 sleep

around 11am bottle

an hour later solids for lunch (veg, protein and then pear)

1pm or so sleep

bottle when he wakes

nap around 4/4:30pm

when he wakes no later than 5:15pm solids dinner





10:30pm dream feed

re-settle five times, give up and bring into my bed.