Can we please skip this week? Week 13 has been a mess. We are all over the shop with everything, sleep, feeding, crying in the car, awake time and a couple of no-shower days for me.

William started kinder three days a week, but only for a couple of hours, until they start full time in March. Such a tease for us mums who get two hours of peace and then back out to do pick up. I know the good days of routine are coming, I can smell it in the air, but so far, it is a mess.

Do you know how to get three kids out the door by 8am? I don’t! But I am doing it. Actually, I do know, it is the reason for my shower-less days. I have realised that I need to get organised, more organised than I have ever been in my life to make all this work. I am making school and kinder lunches the night before and laying out clothes, shoes and school bags ready for the morning. If I keep waking Freddie up at 7am and feed him his bottle, usually, he would fit into all this with his sleep time, but the car crying has been an issue.

Freddie cries every car ride and it is very distressing for everyone. We will see our Chiro this week and I will talk to her about this. Aston would cry and cry as a newborn in the car capsule but that was because he had an irritation in his neck from the birth.

Other notable things from this week would be that Freddie is interacting more and more, more smiles and more movement of his body. Last time I mentioned he discovered his arm, well, he discovered his other arm and that if he tried really hard, he could hit things with it, but this is a rare occurrence, ok he did it once and I moved his arm to do it.

I also told you that last week I decided to stop breastfeeding, a hard and sad decision for me. Freddie hasn’t noticed one bit that we have stopped our special feeding together, he is just enjoying his fast food. We feed four hourly now, which is a massive win for me! But back to the breastfeeding… so I stopped feeding him in the day completely and then when my boobs felt like they were going to burst with milk, I would pump some milk out. This gave Freddie a chance to have some breast milk in bottles. I did this over a few days and slowly the supply slowed down and the only time I was pumping ended up being around 8pm when I still had milk. I would express around 60ml and over two nights, it would make enough for me to feed Freddie with it for one feed time. He had his last breastmilk bottle EVER yesterday and it was a really sad moment for me. Breast milk is magic, it can do amazing things, I googled it! Apparently, it fixes a sore throat, heals mosquito bites, relieves sunburn and takes away cold sores? I am starting to wish I caught every squirt or drop my breasts released randomly throughout the day just so I could save it and freeze for emergencies.

Today I started to ‘let down’ which still happens occasionally, and I put Freddie onto breast of old times sake (and because I am at the beach house and forgot my pump). He had a few sucks and then I could feel he was sucking nothing. Have you felt that? It kind of not hurts but feels like he is sucking, well, nothing, its hard to explain. So all the times you thought your baby wasn’t getting ‘enough’ or ‘any’ milk, well you were fine, you can actually feel the no milk suck.


Freddie’s routine this week:

7am wake and bottle (I offer 180ml he only has 120ml)

8:30/9 sleep (he might sleep 45min or a little longer)

11am bottle

12:30pm sleep (he may or may not sleep long)

3:30pm (or 2:30pm depend on what he is doing because of school pick up at 3pm) feed

4:30/5 nap

6pm bath (or earlier at 5:30)


7pm Bed

10:30pm dreamfeed

12:30am wake for no reason/resettle
1:30am wake for no reason/resettle

5am wake for no reason/resettle

I am exhausted!

Oh wait, I want to leave you with one thing I had a giggle to myself about last night. What is it with us mums/dads rocking and patting over and over to get the baby to sleep for an hour or more, you are tired, frustrated and exhausted. They finally fall asleep after the tenth attempt, you curl up into bed, log into your phone for some ‘me’ time and you… flick through photos of the baby! That sure is parenthood to me!