Where do you start? When you don’t know much about appliances and kitchens it can be so daunting to be confident to make the decision on selecting your products. I mean, each item is a huge investment and if you don’t do your research, you could end up regretting something you spent thousands of dollars on! Scary much? Well this was me, my first time into an appliance showroom late last year and I was in over my head. I did have the help of Cassie, my interior designer, who I trust 100% but at the end of the day, it is me who has to live with my selections and me who has to pay for the stuff.

A friend of mine told me to check out Nunawading Harvey Norman because she raved on about the customer service, and with Josh being in retail himself, I knew that if someone tells you the customer service is good somewhere, than it is definitely worth checking out, otherwise they wouldn’t have said it.

I went in with Cassie, after calling the store up to have a chat to them about demonstrations of the steam oven (you have to book these in) and I got to learn all about the famous ‘steam oven’ everyone seems to buy for their new kitchen. I got to use it, learn about it and understand why people love it. I also got to learn about each brand and how they differ slightly and narrow down my selections to what works best for me and my family, what I think will visually suit my design and of course my budget. To be honest, I went in two more times after this before finally deciding on what I wanted.

I documented this day on my IG HIGHLIGHTS under RENOVATION.

I felt really comfortable in this place and I felt valued, I learnt so much about the brands and products and in the end, it is where I purchased all my appliances and white goods from. I told the staff all about the blog and my renovation and asked if they would be interested in looking after my followers in some way, as I was going to document my renovation journey. They were so happy to do so and for me, there is no point me just sharing everything with an audience if I can’t at least try to give them something back!

So, for my followers only!

*NUNAWADING HARVEY NORMAN are offering you an exclusive VIP discount when you call up to make and appointment with either BECK or MARK (call them up to arrange a time to go in as they can organise demonstrations and they are the only ones who know about this offer) from Nunawading only. Call Beck direct: 03 98371218 or the store 03 98371200

*offer only available at Nunawading Harvey Norman and only on Electrical/Appliances and white goods.