A sleeping toddler, a happy toddler, a toddler full of personality and a wonderful age to enjoy.

This month has been so wonderful with Freddie, apart from the adjustment to the time change, which we eventually broke through his waking at 4:30am and got him to at least 6am. We have had a lovely month together, Freddie is communicating better, day by day and although not just anyone can understand what he wants, I have decoded it.

“Wooooo” means water
“Wiwiwi” means The Wiggles
“Ga” means ta
“Wawa” is our word for dummy
“Gh Gh” is go-go
Hysterical crying and doing the ‘child pose’ face down on the floor, means he wants something that I won’t give him or I pretty much have no clue what he wants.

I know from having other children, that the really good ages are the ones when they can communicate, because it makes it easy for everyone. It’s funny, it feels like a life time ago when he was a tiny baby and it was really only 17 months ago. The new born year goes very fast, the toddler years go slow but when they hit school, it flies all over again.

My monthly update isn’t very interesting this month, he has all his teeth and has had them since 14m (not his 2yo molars) and he is sleeping, eating and almost running, no real milestones happening.

I have been spending a lot of time reading to him and teaching him things because I know this age they are sponges. I did this with Aston and he was reciting the alphabet by 2yo and counting and adding around 2.5. With Will, I didn’t have the time and now we are paying for it, so I am hoping Freddie will soak it up and make things easier for us all when I have all boys in school- that is the time they need you the most!

Freddie still has his one day nap. This is how I work it out:

If he wakes at:
5:30am or earlier, I put him down at 11am latest and hope he sleeps until 2pm and then I count five hours from wake time and thats when I put him to bed at night.

6:30am I put him to nap at 11:30-45 and he should nap until 2:15/30 and then I put him to bed at night at 7:30pm.

So usually it is 5 hours awake time.

I think he is due for a haircut, his fuzz-ball hair is tricky to maintain and I did give him a trim in the bath the other day, but now he is sporting a curly mullet.

Food? same as usual with his Weetbix for breakfast, sushi or a toastie or savoury roll for lunch, yoghurt and fruit for snack and then whatever dinner is going.

He has his one milk in his sip cup at night.

Me? Well, I am ok, the anxiety creeps in alot and I have had a few low weeks. It is really hard when you have school holidays and you are trying to do everything at once. If you see me pull back on IG, it is because I have had a day of no shower, not wanting to get out of bed (but of course I have to) and a whole lot of doing stuff for everyone except myself. I am still yet to get back to pilates but my joints are still sore and I actually am getting tested for an auto immune disease. If you know me and my health anxiety- this isn’t an easy time for me. I am praying for a good result but also, all my symptoms are pointing to this. My brother has Alopecia, an auto immune disease and maybe it is a genetic thing because I swear I am not as stressed as other people and I do eat as good as I can. So, until my results are back, I am going to lay lowish… or not.

See how honest I am on here? I only over-share on my blog, because I own it and it is pretty safe compared to social media. I also hope that sharing my honest stories will help others in some way or another.

Oh, how I love 17 months! Josh and I get excited when Freddie wakes in the morning, and even if he had a crappy night and I was on his bedroom floor for half the night, it doesn’t matter, we just want to be around him and see his personality come out!

I wish you a very Happy Easter, a very special and holy time when we come together with our families.